Chloe’s Birthday Party

On Saturday I went to my friends birthday party. Her name is Chloe. When I got there I saw that kids were getting in line to play pie face. In the game you have to spin a spinner, and you have to click the handle,the number the arrow landed on. If the hand that has the cream on it smacks it on your face  you got pie faced. I felt scared to do it because I didn’t want to get cream on my face. We played with hoola hoops, made balloons go flying everywhere and also broke a piniata. We also ate delicious peperoni and cheese pizza. After a while we went into the store right next to it. It is called, Hey sugar candy store, and filled our bags  with candy,Chloe’s mom gave us the bags. Later we ate some candies and picked out cupcakes with a shopkin that we could keep. I got Moible Mary. We sang Happy Birthday to Chloe before we ate. Themn we played a little untill Chloe’s mom gave us our goody bags. In my goody bag I got a braclet with a picture of Kooky Cookie on it,shopkin stickers, poppy corn lip balm, and a mini container with 2 food fair shopkins named, Birthday Betty and Ice cream Dream. I already have Birthday Betty, they were in diffrent pretty colors, but don’t have Ice Cream Dream. I  felt like something exciting had cheered me up when it had. I wonder what they are going to do for Chloe’s next birthday party?

My Valentines party

Today I had a Valentines party. In the party we ate cookies, pretzles, and candy hearts. The crafts we did were, making a Valentine monster and make a scrapbook. The Valentine party was awesome, and we also donated candy to kids in the hospital. We had a fun time at the party. My mom came to the party, she got candy hearts for the party. Before the party and everything, we passed out our Valentines. I brought fruit rollups for the party. We could not give our Valentines, or treats to ourself. In the morning, before the party and passing out the Valentines, we decorated bag, that we were going to give to the kids in the hospital with candy and we also made bags for ourself. I had a really fun time at the party.

My Happy new year party

I had a Happy New Year Party. At the party we ate chicken and danced. My parents were dancing and I went to a place where kids can stay while their moms and dads are away. When I was there I got a face paint. Then my parents left and I played with other kids. Then the people that were agents turned on a movie. I couldn’t hear the movie because the other kids were to loud. Then the clowns performed some magic and we played a game. Then the boys had sord fight and then my dad came to pick me up. Then we danced and count down till 12 o’clock. And when it was 12 o’clock, ballons were coming down. This was an awesome new year. I hope it is this fun again. 

What me and my friends do when we play

What do me and my friends play?The things that we play are tag, ball, sometimes we ride our scooters or bikes, and shopkins sometimes. We play tag when we want to and sometimes we get bored. We ride our scooters and bikes on the driveway and play ball in the driveway also. Sometimes other kids that my friends know come to play with use. One time a boy from the aparment next to us came to play.  Then some girls came to play with us with their baby girl. When we play ball the ball that we play with us rolls away to where the street is and we have to make sure that we get it back safley and we come back safley. We also play badmiden and one time Josey’s shuttlecock flew all the way up in a tree and it took us days to get it down untill one day it came down and we don’t know where it landed. We tried getting it down by shaking the tree’s branch of where it was landed when it flew up in the air. We never played badmiden ever again unless we played it somewhere away fron the trees.  

When I played

Yesterday I played with my friends. We played in my friend Jamie’s house. Inside we played with her American girl dolls, push Lacey and Josey on the couch and Hide and seek. I ate a cupcake that they made for Halloween and the cupcake was delicious. Josey and Jamie’s dog Jack came out of the room where they keep their dogs and he wanted to eat my cupcake. We had a fun time untill I was thirsty, so I went inside my house to get my water bottle. Then I went back to their house and we played again. Then we watched some tv, I was playing with the American girl dolls because they were my favorite toys. Then we went home and ate dinner. I loved  playing with my friends and yesterday was the best day in my life because I never had so much fun playing with my friends. 

How to paint a shopkins

 I painted two shopkins. I am going to teach you how I did it and how your going to do it. First you need a shopkin that is a double. Next use some paint and paint it on your shopkin. When your done putting paint all over be very careful when you paint the eyes. Later set it to dry and make sure everything is dry untill you do anything else. Lastly use any matt varnish or clear nail polish to seal the paint in. First I got two shopkins and painted them because they were doubles. Their names were Suzie sunday and Hattie hat. I painted Hattie hat red because red is a darker color than pink. I colored Suzie sunday a lot of colors because she has lots of detail on her. Lastly I used a clear nail polish to make the paint stick on my shopkins so the paint does not come off. The reason why I chose these shopkins is because they were doubles and I already got them before. I really wanted to do a shopkins painting and now I did my own shopkins painting.

Dog bite

Yesterday when I went to play with my friends Josey brought her dog Tiger. Only me and Jamie and Josey were out so I went to get my other friends but they were busy so I asked if I can walk their dog Jacob. Whe n Emily’s brother Tyler brought Jacoob out he let go of the leash.I tried to grab the leach but he was to fast. So Jacob ran to where T iger was sitting an Tiger had Jacob in his mouth. I was so scared. They put Tiger back in the house and put Jacob in the shade. Luckily he was still alive. Jacob was okay but was still hurt. Some of us were crying because Jacob was hurt. I feel sad because My friend’s fvorite dog was hurt. I hope he is okay.

Best friend trouble

Today when me and my friends were walking to our moms we got into a big argument. I wanted to roll Chloes bag on Tuesdays and Thursdays but they told me that I can only do it on Thursdays. I thought that wasn’t fair because Taryn always rolled Chloe’s bag. I felt angry and sad because Taryn and Chloe were being mean to me when I was going to give them a flower on Friday. If I were Taryn or Chloe  I would be nice and never be a mean hurtful friend and always would share my things with them. Chloe and Taryn are nice friends but they were mean to me. I always think about fighting back when someone is mean to me but I tell myself not to fight. I even thought about fighting back but I would get into trouble so did not do it. One reason is why we fight is because we like to roll Chloes bag  and we have to take turns and that is the problem.  

My new friends

Yesterday I met new friends. We played  badminton and tag. My neighbor brought her dogs out and their names were, Jack and Tiger. We all had a good time. After we were done with a game, we heard a SPLASH! The hose attached to a long piece of wood had water coming out and it got my neighbors sisters phone wet. I got surprised by the water! My new freinds were looking to see how it happend. Good thing I was there because I found out that the boys were doing it. When it got dark up in the sky me and my neighbor talked about the schools we go in and asked if we like shopkins. I had a good time playing with my new friends. I am happy that I found a friend that goes to the same school as me and is my neighbor.

My best buddies!

Aima is my best friend. She always was my best friend and we went to the same school when we were  little. Kahea also is my best friend. We all were in the same class when we were little. Since we were done with preschool Aima went to a different kindergarten and Kahea was still with me becuase she was in the same school with me that had grades up to 6th or 7th grade. We were in the same first grade untill we were second graders becuase I moved away to Texas!