Part 79- Equal rights and Women’s rights

Hello, so I had started this post a week or two ago and never got to finish it, and the topic is something  I have been waiting to write about it for a long time. Something which has been pending for sooo long. It’s on Equal Rights. 

We all know about Equal rights. Equal rights for women, for people with different skin, for everyone, etc. In the past it wasn’t equal nor was it fair for everyone, and to be honest, it may seem like it has changed and there are more equals for everyone today, but there isn’t. This one is mainly going about to be one for women and girls. In the past girls were always thought to just take care of the house and be pretty. I think NOT. I mean, we girls have so much more than that. We can do everything and anything a boy can, but in our way, because we aren’t boys. We’re girls. Everyone assumes we can’t. I’ve grown up watching Disney movies and Disney princess movies. I love Disney princesses, but one thing bugs me. I take this from the Wreck-it Ralph Break the Internet movie. ( Spoiler) When Vanellopee accidentally goes into the princesses’ “room”, she says she’s a princess when they are about to attack her. The last question they ask her is, ” Does everyone assume all your problems get solved when a big strong man shows up?” And, it’s true. In the movies, the princesses are shown as not being able to do anything unless a prince or a big strong man shows up, which is ridiculous. I mean, except for Brave. I have to say, Brave is the first Disney Princess that never showed that. Merida didn’t want to marry, so she fought for her own hand in archery- which she excelled at. Of course, she beat the “princes” in it and didn’t stop even when her mother was telling her to stop. She was determined not to stop. To not give up. Aside from that, the movies are depicted with that same idea in mind. Which infuriates me! ( Though, I would still watch them because, why not? They’re amazing movies.) Even today, even when women and girls can vote and do things like that, they still aren’t technically equal. We never were. Even today, aren’t there two different teams for sports? Girls basketball, boy’s basketball? Same for everything else. Why is this so? Because we aren’t equal. 
Another example. Mankind vs. Humankind. People always say mankind. “One small step for a man, one leap for mankind…” Why man or why mankind? Why not humankind or humans? Because at that time, men were supposedly “better” or could do more than any woman or girl could do. Even now, when women get the opportunity to do something, its always like, The first woman. And this is years after the first human has done it. And that human has been a man. This is not saying an accomplishment, it’s just stating that women have done this for the first time after men have actually done it for the first time. It’s pointing it out, rather than praise. Pointing out that women weren’t equal and now they are being “treated” more equally than at first. There is actually a news article that came out a few days ago, saying The first woman to receive a Nobel Prize in Mathematics. Even in the post, it says it. It says that in teh past there have been only men who have received this prize. It’s pointing that out. 
BUT, don’t think that this is only a bad thing. The first woman can mean so much more than pointing out that in the past they weren’t treated equally. It is also an inspiration or something to tell young girls. It tells them, that there has been a woman in space, or a first woman doctor, or scientist. It tells them that they can do what these amazing women have done. It tells them that nobody can stop you from doing this. No one can stop you from accomplishing so much, as much as any man can, or even more than them. I actually have an idea in mind. To, hopefully, have the First Female President.
In my career, I want to become a Lawyer. I want to become a good lawyer, the best one. I will work until that happens, and still won’t. I know a friend, who is an amazing leader and debater. She has said that she wants to become President, and I’m thinking, that before there is one before I’m old enough and she’s old enough to run, I’m going to try and help her become President. It’s a small idea in my mind, but, one day, I think it will become a reality.  Even if that doesn’t work, I will work all I can to become an accomplished lawyer and be one that no one has ever seen. So, to all the young women and little girls out there, I want them to know that they can do anything. If someone says that you can’t do something, then you know that you have to do something, because you can. Don’t let anyone stop you. Show them what it means to be a girl. And be proud that you are. ( I think I got a little too strong there : )  
I hope everyone stays safe and healthy and strong. BYE!