My henna shop

In my school there is something called Beckopoly.I’m participating in Beckopoly this year and doing henna designs. In my shop I’m drawing the designs or the students and parents can try it out by their self. Henna is made from Henna plant leaves, water, and eucalyptus oil. Henna is put on when there is functions and parties. I am trying to work hard on this so I can earn $15 or more to get another doll. I have been trying to get another doll by saving my money,helping around in the house,and doing chores. I already have a doll but I want another doll to play with so  my doll and me won’t fell lonley playing together.This is why I am going to do Beckopoly.

The stall

On Sautarday we set up a stall. We sold Veg,sandwiches, sol-kadhi, a drink, and puff pastrys. Lots of people liked our pastrys and and drink. The sandwiches were also good. I was a  partner and collected tickets witch were 1$. We had 106 tickets even though three people had given us real money. My dad says I can get another American girl doll when I have 125$. I have 110$ and need 15$ more untill I have enough money. We sold lots of food items and drinks.