Diwali is a holiday that Hindus do. Day #1: build. We first built a kila [ keeh-lah]. On the kila we put soilders and farmers plus some women. On the very tippy top we put a king named Shivaji Maharaj. We used,soil, pots, water, and chalk to make this work. This is the first thing you do on Diwali. 

Day #2: presants! On the second day I looked for presants when I was done taking a shower and helped my mom. We made food, hung up decorations, and even made rangoli [ ra-n-gol-ee].My first presant was a chef club shoppies doll from shopkins. I loooooooved it so much.

Day # 3: decorate. We got up early and took a oil shower. Next we got our big box of kandils and started decorating the house. Then we got our lights out and put them on our walls all over. When we were done we had a cooked dinner made by my mom and prayed to our gods. 

Day #4: sweets. We made alot of sweets. So we decided to share with our friends. I shared with my bestie Stella. She really loved the sweets. We made rangoli again and I got a amerigan girl doll knitting set.We also did Lakshmi pooja and prayed to her. I even went to a diwali party with my mom at a friends house.

Day#5: End. This is the last day of diwali. We lit candles all over the house and blew them out when we were done. I got new boots, a new shoppie doll, and american girl doll acssesories.We made more sweets and turned on all the lights in the house. It was the festival of lightso we had lights on everywhere. Then we did mini fireworks at our house and also with our friends. We even had decolights and those lit our house outside. That is all about my diwali this year I hope you enjoy this. 


Diwali is a time in a year when Indians get to get presents if they ask for what kind they want. This morning I was surprised to find my gift because I was waiting for it and I didn’t get it on the day I asked for it. My dad told me that I hadn’t got my present yet because my mom was not here. I got my shopkins this morning and I came screaming out of the room that I went in. I am happy my present came and my mom came because I got new shopkins in my twelve pack and five pack of shopkins and got two duplicates that were the same in them. I am still thinking about my next present and hope it is shopkins again. Diwali holiday is a fun holiday because you can get presents that you want and I got my favorite gift.