3rd place winner

Yesterday,Saturday Feburary 25 2017, I got 3rd place in track 3 when, this was my very first time doing D.I. Me and my team had just came back from dinner, all waiting to hear the awards ceremony. This was our very first time doing D.I. and we got a medal. Our coach,Ms. Julee, was so proud of us as we made it on the stage to get our medals. When we got there we saw Ms. Pickett. She is one of the G.A.T.E.S. teachers at my school. I hope to  impress my teacher and Mrs. Forbes, another G.A.T.E.S. teacher.We all are going to show off our medals and shirts at school tomorrow! Me and my team want to show our friends proof that we won 3rd place,in track 3. Me and my team did really well on our actual performance. There is an instant challenge and a performance. Snehal, is on my team,  has a brother  who won,1st place in track 3 with us. I am really suprised because Snehal’s brother’s and my team are both from Beck elementary, and we both won medals.  I wonder if the teams are going to be on announcements tomorrow because,that wil be exciting and will impress others.It also will be exciting because they might tell the whole school our scores and,congratulate us.

Even if I wanted us to win first place, I am really glad that  we won something. I wonder if they will let the teams go do an assembely in front of the school. Who knows? Maybe so maybe not!

Just on Monday both teams had to wear their medals and team shirts to show what we wore and proof that we on medals.  Then today,Tuesday, my teacher shared my Destination Imagination video to the whole class. Everyone liked it A LOT! This is so because ,at the end everyone started asking me questions about it. Also because everyone was diying to see it. Even the boys! On Saturday, the awards ceremony went from 7 to 8p.m. Even if there were only 2 teams from N.I.S.D. ,they made us sit in the back for the ceremony. At the beginning they started announcing awards for different challenges until, they finally did scientific. I held my breath and,crossed my fingers as I waited patiently. ” 3rd place goes to, Team Bubble Pop!” ” Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeessssssssss!” We went up to the stage,hearts beating faster and faster until we reached the stage. We all waited  patiently to get our medals. I burst into tears of joy as I walkeddown to the stage. This was my greatest achievement, and the most happiest day of my life! Even if I was hoping to get first place, I did a great job. I would give credit to me,Haylie,Jenna, Snehal, and Ms. Julee. We all worked super hard and also were determined to win. I am so glad that I got third place.

 Now I know how hard you have to work to get a prize. This was all our very first time, except Snehal’s, and we got 3rd place. I am glad that Mrs.Forbes put us on the same team because,we couldn’t have done this project without each other and also because we all work together very well. Our brains all think  alike and I think we were meant to be working together!

Link to my video https://youtu.be/057R7zv57zU    

Showtime at D.I.

I am Anna Cake. My friend Jenna is Nutella Ella. Haylie is Lilly Lolly and Snehal is Dr. De Chocolate. These are our roles for our story which will be happening in CandyLand. Dr. De Chocolate steals ingredients and drops a code. Then Nutella Ella arrives calling her 2 besties to help. I find footprints and decript the code. Then we find DDC and get the truth out of her. Later Nutella Ella stays late and sees DDC in the factory. NE realizes that DDC is her mother. NE helps make the medicine(code). That is the short version of the story. We have finished the backdrops and costumes but, have not finished mine. I was planing to have a costume that would be a 2 layer cake. We have got the script down but we just need, a little more practice to get it a final and without looking at the script. We have decided  to do a topic with a everyday object to be something different like, plain hlasses which are actually a code. I think that Destination Imagination (D.I.) is a really nice way for kids to learn how to think like actual researchers and get to do a presetation off of your topic. I think that D.I. is awesome also becuase it lets those kids who want to craft a lot get a chance to craft. My whole team like to craft a lot and the loved making the back drop and costumes. I think that this is going to be a success. I we win this we will go and perform in the state. Then in the nation if we win again. I hope my team wins because we have been working super hard and we really want to earn an oppertunity as large as this. This would actually be a miracle for us. We really hope to win! 😊😄😁


D.I. is a place where you do challenges. I am in D.I. and my team and I are ready for a challenge that will be judged. We decided that we will have our setting in CandyLand. My team is Jenna, Haylie, and Snehal. I am AnnaCake, Jenna is Nutella Ella, Haylie is Lilly Lolly and Snehal is Queen CandyCane/Dr. De Chocolate. Dr. De Choclate is the  bad guy in our project. In DI you do challenges that challenge your brain to do more thinking. DI is a place where creativity and brainstorming is a must!I think DI was the perfect way to help me think more about something like building something important with the only materials you have. This is the best way to challenge your brain anywhere and anyhow.