Part 116- The First Presidential debate

 So, as we all know, the first presidential debate of the 2020 elections, happened on Tuesday, September 29th. I was super excited about this debate and was so ready to see how it turned out. Well, most of you know how it turned out. It wasn’t that great. But, what if there were hidden aspects of the debate. We mainly just saw a lot of bickering but, what if there was a strategy. What if the plan was to make this debate seem terrible? Let’s find out. 

You can find the debate anywhere on youtube and online, but I will put the link at the bottom. 

So, let me start off by saying, first and foremost, that the 2020 first presidential debate was terrible. It seemed terrible and wasn’t very good. I know that there may be a trick to it, and there may be something else under what happened, maybe a plan behind all this, but, I have to say, the result wasn’t that great. I have to say though, after reviewing some of the previous debates from each of them, presidential and VP debates, I saw that they are actually better in the debates than they were in what we saw on Tuesday. Take former Vice President Biden- Mr. Biden- for example. During the debate, we saw that he was faltering, repeating himself, stuttering, and wasn’t very clear with what he said. He was often repeating himself like he didn’t have his thoughts clearly assembled or like his thoughts were falling apart. Plus, he was often talking about how President Trump did something wrong or didn’t do anything as well when answering the questions. instead of answering what he would do, he often replied- often- what President Trump hasn’t yet done or how badly he’s done something on that topic. But, if we see some previous debates, like the VP debates in 2008 or in 2012, we see that they are a lot better, and it is much, much more different than the one on Tuesday.

( Link: 2008 VP debate)

I’m going to use the 2008 VP debate as my first example. In this one, Mr. Biden goes first to answer the first question, and his answer is very clear. It is very concise, clear, simple, proves his answer, and supports President Obama in every way. His thoughts are all collected and complete. To me, it looks like he may be talking to the moderator, as his eyes are sort of off to the side as if he is looking over there, but, when he speaks, it feels like he’s speaking to the people in the audience. Perhaps he was speaking to the people, and was looking to the audience on the right, or WAS speaking to the moderator.  Either way, his voice was well heard. When the other candidate was speaking, he was listening, mulling over what she was saying and her answer. Something you might say is, well, maybe Mr. Biden started to get more comfortable with the debates after winning the 2008 election and started speaking like he did in 2020 one. Perhaps he started to get cocky after this election. Not exactly.

( Link: 2012 VP debate

Check out the 2012 VP debate. Yes, he has sightly changed his attitude and way he reacts or facial expression when listening to the other candidate, but how he speaks is the same. Even though I may talk more about how they each spoke, I want to include facial expression and body language a little in this. It may be pretty minor, but it is pretty important. If you notice, in the 2020 debate, Mr. Biden was often smiling and sort of laughing at President Trump’s replies or response to the question. This also can be seen in the 2012 debate. In the 2012 debate, we see that he started to “loosen” up I guess, or started to lose the solemn blank face with precessing thoughts and changing it to a smiling, more emotion-filled face that can be seen while processing the information. The 2008 debate may be his first debate or first debate for a position, so he may not know what he should do. His expression was solemn and still during the first debate and is a bit expressionless, but what if later he decided to change that? That could be a possibility. We can also see, and hear, that in this debate as well, Mr. Biden is very clear and concise with his words. His thoughts are collected and together and he isn’t stuttering at all. 

Let’s move on. We can’t keep talking about Mr. Biden. We still have Mr. Trump to talk about and very little time to finish this post. I only have one video I’m going to use for this because, this is the first presidential debate of 2016, for him, and a look into how Mr. Trump debates. I may add another clip for a video later, but right now, I only have one video pulled up.

So, when we saw the 2020 debate, we saw that Mr. Trump was speaking over Mr. Biden, not letting him speak, and often arguing with the moderator. Is this the same as the 2016 debate? Mmm, not really. In the 2016 debate, he was actually much different. For some time. At the start of the first, 2-3 questions, Mrs. Clinton was speaking about how she viewed Mr. Trump’s plans and his strategies and his plans of growing the economy. She calls it, ” Trumpdump trickle down”. This is what I heard from the video, it may not be the exact thing she did, but it is what I heard. Anyway, when she said this, we saw that Mr. Trump slightly smiled. He was thoughtful and respectfully listening to what she said, and even though he may or may not have approved or liked what she said, he kept quiet and showed a simple expression to show what he thought, instead of telling what he thought. During his response, he stated what he thought from his answer and his response. But then later, you can slightly see, that he wanted to say what he was thinking. He wanted to interrupt and say a response to what she said. He even did that in between, but only slightly. ut then, it changes. We start to see a lot of what happened during the 2020 debate, here. President Trump kept speaking over Mrs. Clinton when it was her time to speak, he was talking bad about some of the things President Clinton has done during his terms, and it is ok to have opinions, but he was sort of stating it like it wasn’t his opinion. In my opinion, I think President Trump isn’t that great of a debater. He just wants to get his point through and make himself seem right and the other candidate isn’t.
Moving on, I want to talk about possible strategies these two candidates had in mind. ( I mean the candidates in the 2020 elections. We’re back in the future after touring the past.) I have a possible idea of the plan Mr. Biden may have had, that comes from West Wing. Beware spoilers. Anyway, in West Wing, when Matt Santos is running for president and chooses Leo to be his VP, Leo is getting ready for the VP debate. Leo is known to be really good at debates, and someone with a great political mind. He is phenomenal at debates and nails them, but when practicing, he isn’t that great. If you want to see the clip, you can see West Wing on Netflix, and the scene is from season 7, episode 10- running mates. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that Leo could have been setting a low expectation for the debate. A low expectation that he isn’t giving good answers, but in the end, wows them and turns out to be amazing. Same thing here. We saw that Mr. Biden is really good at debates, but wasn’t that great during Tuesday’s. What if his strategy is to make it seem that he isn’t that great, but during the next debate blows us away and shows that he is good? What if the plan was to lower the expectations and standards because he knew that there would be high expectations after seeing Mr. Trump’s debates in 2016, and how well Mr. Biden does during debates? What if he lowers/lowered the expectations so that in the end, he can twist the tables and wow everyone? Think about it, if the expectations are low and you don’t expect something great, wouldn’t you be amazed if, in the end, it was? What if that was the plan? But, then again, in West Wing, Leo was getting old and weaker. I say this with respect but, what if Mr. Biden has started to get worse or lose his skills of debating from old age? You never know.
Let’s think about Mr. Trump’s plan as well or his possible plan. The whole time, we saw Mr. Trump “attacking”/ not letting Mr. Biden speak. Probably, he would have watched past debates from Mr. Biden and got a strategy to attack Mr. Biden, so he loses his guard and doesn’t do well?  Or, what if it was also, to make the debate seem bad? I’m really into the whole, make the debate seem bad theory at the moment and it is really funny, just reading over and seeing, make it seem bad, lower standards, over and over again. But, it’s because it seems like a valid plan. Especially, when you think about how it could be Mr. Trump’s plan. Attacking Mr. Biden to lower Mr. Biden’s response or confidence, to make him seem like he isn’t a worthy candidate? Could that be a plan? 
Anyway, to end this blog, I hope you all got a new perspective on the 2020 debate. I know I did along the way and learned A LOT about both candidates and some of their styles of talking and their body language and facial expressions. I wish I could write more and talk more about the topic but it has been a long, 3 hours and 46 minutes, and typing opinions and watching political videos of great excitement and thrill is very exhausting so, I’ll have to say bye, and I hope to see you in the next post. 

Part 86- Polls, news, debates and a whole lot of arguing

So, my title isn’t exactly what my blog is about. It’s the topic. So, many 12-year-old kids such as me may not be interested in the presidential elections, or alot into politics. I used to think it was completely boring. But, after watching one of the most amazing political shows and shows in general, ever, I have started seeing these in a new light. I now understand what goes on in these elections. The primaries and the debates, what to do and how they do it. Electoral votes and votes. Representatives and so much more. However, that is not our topic. Sorta. Our topic is something very recent happening. In only 106 days, the elections for the president will begin. I can hardly wait. Anyway, President Trump is running again and the most likely candidate will be Joe Bide. PROBABLY. So.0, as we know in 2016 President Trump was elected president. Now, here’s the thing. Polls were saying that he wouldn’t win. That he wouldn’t be president and President Trump kept saying these were fake polls and that his polls say that he was actually winning and doing well. Well, we can all see how accurate his polls are. Now, as the 2020 elections come up, he is again saying that these are phony polls. Now, I want to actually look into this. I want to give my opinion on what might be happening and who may be winning. Let’s begin. 

So, as far as I know, President Trump started saying these when the polls started showing that Mr. Biden was ahead in Texas and in the “election”. Maybe it was also before, but this is only to my limited knowledge. So President Trump says that he wants to see, not just say yes or no, and he didn’t do it last time either. This was a bit unclear to me, so I think he might be talking about accepting the results. He also says that he wasn’t losing and that these were fake polls. Plus he says that he doesn’t like to lose.
Now his proof from 4 years ago about fake polls was hard to disagree about. He did win and his polls said he was winning. But now, I’m not so sure. There was also another article saying that in teh elections a lot of Dallas suburb people have been keeping teh Republicans in power for decades but are now are component of the Democratic party’s political resurgence. This is because of how President Trump has been handling the rising COVID cases. 
Ok, my opinion. So, I think that the polls may be true. President Trump did say that he didn’t like to lose, and he is from Texas. Normally it would be like he would have full-on support from them, also because we are a republican state, but now, a lot of people have been becoming the key for Democrats in elections. President possibly doesn’t want to believe it and say that his polls are saying he’s winning. I know that there is probably a huge possibility that I’m wrong but, I’m just stating my opinion. Now, others could have realized that they should do real polls if they actually did post fake polls because they didn’t want President Trump to win. So, they might have posted real one this time, and these may be accurate results. President Trump may not want to admit that he may be losing a bit in the polls, but maybe he is right. I do believe, though, that these polls may be right this time. 
Anyway, that is my opinion. I know it seems like I wrote a lot, but it’s just stating stuff over and over again. I do apologize. this is, not my best blog and it didn’t come out how I was hoping it would, so I’m going to try it again tomorrow and try to explain a bit more on this topic and give more updates on teh elections. BYE!

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 25

April 23, 2020:

Today’s blog is just about what I feel. I’m just going to go through my head and think about what I feel. Well, I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. At first, I thought they were people who made cases to protect families and people and yell at other lawyers’ faces to prove they’re right. Hehe. I really love to debate with a good argument. Last year in Gates, we had our first Debate and I was really excited. The topic was not the best. I had to be partners with Sam and to be honest, it’s uncomfortable. we pretty much tied with Colbie’s team and dang, she’s good. We literally had no idea about what to say after she did a rebuttal, or was it something else? I dunno, I don’t like the debate reules. I like one where we get to make our case, ad fight for the right of someone’s right- or just prove that the opposing team is wrong. Anyway, we had our next debate but switched the opposing teams. This time, it was against Noah and Caroline. Each team- Opposing and others- decided their topic. At least this would be better. Ours was sports. It was a debate about watching sports games at home. Noah and Sam are both basketball fans and were good advantages. Sam researched the stadium ticket costs and TV costs while I made the arguments. I’m just going to give it to you straight. Our argument was pretty AWESOME!! If I can find it, I’ll put the link to our argument below. We actually won. HAHA! It was the best debate in my life. Before this, there was a so-so debate that includes a Gingerbread eraser, multiple “lawyers”, recess, and a whole lot of Drama. So, there was a gingerbread eraser in the book fair. Ben got one, and Noah, liking it, got one as well. He named it Ginger and Ben’s gingerbread and Noah’s were pretty much siblings. ( I think) Well, Noah really liked Ginger, and so a few people stole Ginger. I don’t remember it all. I do remember that Ginger was stolen, and Noah found her somewhere in the classroom, hidden. Noah decided to hold a trial and I volunteered to be his Lawyer. Pretty much, I’m the only lawyer and the only one to accept. After being his lawyer, I got my statement ready a few weeks ahead. I was also Sam’s lawyer at that time. Then a series of firing and hiring happened as the lawyer trend went around. Kinsey became his lawyer but then Kinsey had no idea so I was re-hired. I’m the best at my job. Later I gathered plenty of evidence. There will also be a link for that at the bottom. So, I re-read it and I have to say, I was really loving my job. My evidence and questions and stand as a lawyer was pretty sweet. I think my link checks out the rest of the story. Anyway, we all just finished court when recess was over, and I think we all forgot what happens next. A few people actually got to do their statement, including me, so yeah. I later had the next opportunity to become a lawyer- yes lawyer- this year.

 The Trial of Sponge Bob Square Pants. My teacher made it all courtroom looking and she wore the judge robe and had a “gavel”. It was awesome.  My team was the opposition of SpongeBob. We said he was guilty of murdering Mr. Krabbs. ( I really don’t like Sponge Bob, so this was fun to prove him wrong and guilty.) My team was my table. Me, Celine, Ben, Zach, Cody, and Luke. Luke is an expert debater. I thought Colbie was the only one. Because of him, we blew the house. Wait, no that was ben. Ben made up this reverse theme song, and it was AWESOME. Everyone loved it, even the team saying he was innocent. Sadly, we didn’t win the debate for Team B- The TEAM B was both guilty and innocent. Some say it includes Zach and opposite stuff, but he’s my friend and maybe it was an accident, I write wrong answers by mistake sometimes. Anyway, the courtroom was really fun. Ms. Gallagher is an awesome teacher. The last day of school- before spring break and stay at the home break- was when we did this completely random debate which I – Yes I am saying it- hated. I and Celine were on the same team was the best part. What sucks was that the rest included a group of girls who we were sorta friends with. I mean, I know Loseli, Ava, Samantha, and Kaely, and I am sort of friend with them, but I don’t really like Kaelyn. I think she doesn’t like me. Ava doesn’t really focus when we work- I was in a group with her before and she barely did anything, got distracted often- and Sam- Samantha- is the same. I’ve known Loseli for a few years and she’s nice but I’m not close friends with her so… Plus, I and Celinje wanted to work alone on it together, but one of them told Ms. Gallagher and made us work with them. They already had their points down without telling us- I’m not sure how it’s fair but I don’t think it is- and yeah. They just acted like we weren’t there except when we asked them questions. I and Celine didn’t really care about talking to them and just stuck together. S

Then I’ve learned further details about law and politics, learning about Congress, The Cabinet, Senate, and the White House. To be more specific, the West Wing. So, that being said and writing down all my past experiences, I guess you probably know I want to be a lawyer because I want to debate. ( and I have a lot of details and opinions on people)

LINK!! – Debate

Link– Court/ Trial of the stolen Ginger ( By the way, the Zach mentioned in here is the same one who was the one at my SpongeBob debate-team)