My plans for the daddy daughter dance

My plans that I’m going to have at the Daddy daughter dance are to, dance with my dad, have fun with him, go do a daddy daughter date and spend more time with him. I think that a daddy daughter dance was the meaning for dads to spend more time with their daughter. This is my first time being in a daddy daughter dance and I’m really excited to go there. I have never been to a daddy daughter date and this is also my first time so that is also exciting. One more thing that is exciting is that my friends Snehal and Lexi are also going. I hope I see them there. 

Why does my dad snore

Why does my dad snore? I do not like snores. I like soft snores but not that much because they do not let me sleep. I sometimes like to sleep in my bedroom were it is nice and quiet but my room is cold and my mom’s and dad’s room is nice and warm. But I always have one thing that bugs me is that my dad snores. But I don’t know why my dad snores. But I don’t want to ask him because he might read it and he might ask me but I don’t really want to say this in front of him. It might hurt his feelings a lot. 

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a very special day for the dads.All Father’s Day is the day for the dads and their birthday.Mother’s Day is the same thing as Father’s Day but it is a special day for moms and their birthday.If their is a another day for moms and dads then there should also be a daughters day like for the moms and dads.My mom and dad are know starting a daughters day for daughters like me.Everything your parents want you got it for them.Kids get only on their birthday.