paw patrol

Paw patrol is a video of a boy and his pups save the day and the pups have trucks that they have when they have to go to save the day. There names are Chace Rocky Sky Zuma Revel and Marshal their owner is named Ryder and they save the world even if animals run away and the paw patrol. Their pup houses is their truck but Sky her pup house turned into a helicopter and she can fly they have special uniforms. And they are cute

Teen titans

 Teen Titans go is a good cartoon for kids like me and I love the fact that they make sure that they tell the bad people to stop doing bad things.They are super heroes and they save the day always because they are super heroes.They have a theame song and a lot of regular songs.They are on Cartoon Network every day.Like I said it is a good cartoon for kids.And I drew a picture from a playlist and it was how to make Raven.She is a Teen Titan to.  Bye

Teen Titans

Robin,Cyborg,Beast Boy,Star fire and Raven are super heroes.Teen Titans is their name.They fight and fight bad guys.They live in a T shaped tower.They have super powers like flying and eye laysers and boomerangs.They have special uniforms when they have to fight and regular things.Robin is the leader and the team does not like to listen.They have a pet named Silkie.