Part 88- Book reviews, and dissappointment

SO! I just finished my book, The Enchantress, ad I have the final review. The final review of the series. I have to say, the ending was different than I anticipated. NO SPOILERS! LEt’s get on with it.

Traveling ten thousand years into the past, Sophie and Josh followed Dee and Virginia Dare to Danu Talis. The legendary city of Atlantis, where Palamdeds, Shakespeare, Joan, Scathach, Prometheus, and Saint- Germain are. As the Flames take their final breaths in San Fransisco, the battle for the world begins and ends here. It’s up to Sophie and Josh. The two that are one must become the one that is all. One to save the world, and one to end it. 
So before I begin this review, I’m going to point something out. As this book is the final of the series, I’m going to also do a series review in this post. So, it will be on the whole series altogether. 
BOOK Review:
This book was ok. I mean, I LOVED The Warlock. No doubt, it was the absolute BEST book in the series. And, after such an amazing book, I was so excited to read The Enchantress. I was full-on ready. I dived into the book, and this is what happened. It started out, AMAZING. Like, there was everything from the previous book. We learn that Isis and Osiris are the twins’ parents. We see an ongoing battle on Alcatraz. Everything. I have to say, it got, INCREDIBLY BORING at the end.  I could have written this post a long long time ago, but the end got so unbelievably dull, that I sort of read much less. Like, only a chapter a day.  I’ll tell you why. So, teh whole reason they go back in time is to complete the prophecy. They mention the battle of Danu Talis, and them being ta the battle. I love action in books If it’s a battle like a war, I love reading it- maybe fiction ones- because they are so descriptive and actually are interesting to read about. Action- I mean. I was full-on ready to read some battle stuff. Gilgamesh said I’ve seen you two at the battle of Danu Talis. I was reading that, and my mind went, ” I  HAVE to read about the battle.” Now, in the book, do you know what happens? DISCLAIMER: SPOILERS. Well, THERE IS NO BATTLE. They even MENTION it. Liek, it’s the final battle. They go back in time to be there, lead the army. And in the end, there is no battle. I’m really overdramatic right now. In the end, it says that Marethyu- aka Josh Newman- set off to end the world of Danu Talis. That’s it. Nothing else. No action on what happened. I was so disappointed with that. 
Not to mention, Alcatraz scenes. I understand that they were to show The Flamels saving the city but please, add something more. It was quite boring and dull to read. Add something where they go back to help the twins or something more! Just anything!
Plus, the ending. The ending was just, shock. And confusion. And me still trying to understand the whole story! It ends with, ” You know what I have to do Sophie. Josh says. And Sophie is crying like, No! Why can’t I do it? Then she leaves with their friends, and Josh combines all 4 swords of power which form into a hook and make him Marethyu, destroyer of worlds and Death. No, I mean, his name literally means Death. After that there is a note he sends to Sophie mentioning the wedding of Aiofe and Niten, creating the Shadow Realm of which he uses to trap Scathach and Joan and etc. That’s it. Nothing else. I wanted to read about the battle. The wedding. Sophie’s side of the story rather than some letter Josh send to her about what she was doing or what he read about in the Codex of what she would do. Also, in the end, it’s liek Dare and Dee never existed after that. Where were they? Maybe I missed something and it’s my fault, but I don’t remember Dare nor Dee being in the finale of the book. 
I liked how it was such a new perspective in the book. Like, this book is mainly set in the world of Danu Talis. ( Besides Alcatraz scenes) It explains about the Elders and what Danu Talis was like after all that mentioning in teh previous books. I also loved how, as it is the finale of the series, tied it all together. It explained a lot. Like, about Dee’s masters and of Sophie and Josh, the Flamels, and the other characters. 
Oh, and I have understood the cover. The symbol on the right is a vimana, and the one on the left is the Pyramid. the one that Josh stands on as he transforms into Marethyu. I haven’t exactly understood the bottom one, other than it being a moon. I don’t understand the main symbol though. I think that it may be a small representation of the Yggdrasill. 
SERIES Review:
 The series was an okay one. I got this brand new, super awesome looking series. My parents said that it was like a sequel to Harry potter- with Nicholas Flamel- and I was overjoyed. I could not wait to read it. After picking up the first book, I loved it, before I lost all interest in it. It was extremely boring and no interest. I mean, fantasy is something that always amazes me. I love fantasy novels. Anything with magic. That pretty much sums up all my novels in progress -ones that I am not doing a partnership on. But, goodness gracious, the book was just too much.  A battle already? In the series? Then Hekate just dies?? Bastet is only mentioned from that? It was just, a bit of a mess in my opinion. The second book was MUCH MUCH better. The new introduction of the characters actually stuck and was well explained. I loved it. The third book was slightly worse but still good. Meeting Gilgamesh was teh best part. And the battle with meeting Palamedes and Will Shakespeare. The fourth book started weakening in interest, but then it sparked up in the end when they had to go back in time. Time travel back 10 thousand years to an ancient civilization that was advanced??? YES PLEASE!! The 5th book was AMAZING. The Warlock s without a doubt, my most FAVORITE book. So much action. Josh has turned on them without realizing it, and we see what he is thinking and how true the twins’ connection really is. How they go back in time and meet their “parents”. The Enchantress. Well, I guess this blog tells you how I thought of this book. I do really question the series. Like, the twins are so focused on gaining their powers and becoming Awakened, but in teh end, THEY NEVER USE THEIR POWERS. Only the swords. Literally, there is a rare mention of them using their powers.  
One remarkable thing about this series is that the story takes place in like, 2 weeks. You think that because there is so much going on, the plot would be going through several days, but no. It progresses into an adventure a day. Without realizing it, you may read several adventures that happen in a day, and turn the page to see, Friday, June 8th. It’s fantastic. 
Despite how many problems this series had, I would recommend it. It’s not making the charts as an absolute favorite, but, it’s on the list. If there were some small changes and additions, then I believe that it would have been fantastic and even better. It is an amazing series, not as good as I was expecting, yet still AWESOME. Anyway, this was the final book review on the, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, series, and I hope you all check out the books. ( Especially The Warlock) BYE!!!!!

Part 76- The Warlock book review

Hello! Today is a Sunday, as you can tell by my post, na di am going to do a book review on… The Warlock. So, I just finished the book yesterday, and I am so pleased and I loved the book so much. I think this is my most favorite book of the series. I knew it was going to be a good book. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the book review. 

The twins of the prophecy have been separated as Josh Newman has chosen a side with Dr. Dee and Virginia Dare. Billy the Kid and Machiavelli have gone to set loose monsters on San Fransisco. Scatty, Joan of Arc, Saint Germain, Palamedes, and Will are in a different time of the Eart, and the world stands on the edge of destruction and death.  It’s up to Sophie to find Josh before the battle begins, or all is lost forever.
I loved this book. I really can not find anything that I did not like from the book, s I will start with what I liked. The plot is so well thought out. What a brilliant plot twist that Josh leaves Sophie and goes with the enemy- only under a small spell and persuasion. New characters, Isis and Osiris, going back in time to Danu Talis to sink the island. Meeting Abraham the  Mage as he saves Scatty, Joan, Saint Germain, Palamedes, and Will, and Prometheus who doesn’t realize he just saved his niece a few years before she even existed. Unbelievable!!!!!! Plus, Aunt Agnes is actually Tsagaglal, She Who Watches, Abraham’s wife, and Gilgamesh the King’s sister. I love the mystery and suspense. The drama, everything. How Josh is so easily being manipulated by Dee, how Mars Ultor is freed from his “prison” na dthe reason why he actually was imprisoned in the first place, how certain characters who were once foes team up as they battle for the thing they all want, and so much more. The descriptions are so clear and can actually be pictured. How Nicholas is given one more day to live, how the Locast was defeated, how everything falls in place as the book progressed. There is just so much in this book, that I cannot even start to explain how great it is. Plus, the ending is such a big shock and a major plot twist which adds so much more into the story. It is awesome. 
I have to say, there wasn’t a lot of things I disliked. I think one of the things I didn’t like was a part of Bastet, Anubis, and Aten. There is a part where Anubis and Aten were talking and Anubis was talking to his younger brother about how he shouldn’t be talking bad about him and his wife and about his actions. And another where Aten is speaking to his mother Bastet about this and they’re talking about how bad a ruler Anubis is. I didn’t really understand that part and what it had to do with the story. Perhaps it comes into play in The Enchantress, but until then, I just didn’t understand it. 
Anyway, I’mm off to start the next book of this series. The Enchantress. I have started reading it, and I am loving it. I hope everyone stays well. BYE!

Part 72- The Necromancer book review

Hello! I know I didn’t write yesterday- because I had so much to do I got overwhelmed and started getting tired- but I’m back!!!! So yesterday, I finished The Necromancer and I am going to do a book review on that today, as my topic. Without further ado, let it begin…

Finally home in San Fransisco, Sophie and Josh are more confused about what’s ahead of them. Scatty’s gone, Machiavelli is coming to unleash thousands of monsters on the city from Alcatraz, and John Dee is still after them. Neither of them has mastered the actual elemental powers they will need to defend themselves, and what’s more is that they must ask themselves, whether they can trust Nicholas Flamel or not. Worse, can they trust anyone?
The Necromancer was ok. I have to be honest and say that, The Magician was the best book I’ve read so far- in the series. There was a lot of action in teh 3rd book, and when it started in The Necromancer, it went well, before going down into boredom. It started getting less interesting in the middle. There wasn’t much to feel excited or visualize about. No action or anything. Yes, there was action, but none that was of any interest in my opinion. It didn’t come out as great as I had been expecting. Especially the newest character. Virginia Dare. She’s supposed to be this mysterious immortal who has an incredible flute that can do a lot of strange and magical things and supposedly killed her master and survived. There wasn’t a lot about her, like about her being mysterious besides just saying- ” he knew little about her”. 
I did like the ending though. There was a part near the end where it was sooo interesting. So, throughout the book, there has been a mentioning of Danu Talis, and how the magic civilization fell. What we don’t know is how. Everyone has been saying, I was there, I saw it happen, but in the near end of the book, there is a chapter where Sccatach, Joan,Saint- Germain, Palamedes, and Will go back in time 10 thousand years ago with a mysterious man to when Danu Talis was still thriving. this is because, they were in teh Final Fight, which brought it down. they were the ones who made this happen and made it happen. now, I’m not sure how- yet- as I am just starting the Warlock, but I do know, that it is going to be EPIC!!!!!! I cannot wait to find out what happens. 
Also, remember what I said in teh last review, about teh covers being connected to teh plot. Well, I have cracked teh code for the cover of The Necromancer. The main image on teh cover is a skull with golden eyes. Yes, Necromancy is about raising teh dead, but this crystal is so much more than showing that. This crystal skull is ancient magic, which is used to find where josh went after he mysteriously leaves the Shadowrealm. The smaller symbol beneath that is supposed to be an Aztec symbol. When Josh is learning fire Magic, Prometheus gives him a sunstone- with the same symbol carved on it- and that becomes Josh’s trigger symbol. I cannot tell what the one on teh left is, but I have a feeling the one on the right is possibly a Japanese symbol because there is a new character who is Japanese. 
Anyway, that is my review of the book. It was not as descriptive or informative as the others, but I do hope that you have enjoyed and learned more about the book through my opinions. Bye!

Part 70- The Sorceress book review

Hi! So, today is Thursday, but it very much feels like a Friday. And, though it sounds good, trust me, right now, it is not a good feeling. Today is going to be another book review day. On, The Sorceress! I have to say, these books are just getting better and better. I love it. I highly recommend that everyone checks these books out. 

Paris was left a wreck by Dee and Machiavelli, yet the Book of Abraham’s missing pages are in safe hands kept away from the Dark Elders and Dee. After Scattach goes missing, and Perenelle stays stuck on Alcatraz, Sophie and Josh must head towards London with a weakening Nicholas Flamel, a city John Dee has under control. Their only protection and hope are to learn the third Elemental magic- Water Magic- from an Elder. The only option is Gilgamesh the King, and he’s absolutely insane. 
As the book has started and gradually progressed, I have started understanding the series more and more. At the start, I was completely BAFFLED by the plot and about what has been happening, but slowly it has started ironing out and becoming clearer. I now understand the covers and the titles of the book, which is a big clue about what the story is going to mainly be about. The Alchemyst was more about Nicholas Flamel and the two symbols at the bottom became clearer to understand. Through the plot, the twins are mentioned for having a pure silver and gold aura. Silver for the moon, and gold for the sun. The two symbols are a sun and a moon. This story was about Nicholas Flamel, and the twins you are the twins of the prophecy. In The Magician, it explains more about Dr. Dee, who is a Magician, and the symbols are the trigger symbols for Fire magic. The main design is also one of Fire, which is the 2nd Elemental magic they learn. In the Sorceress, this one is more about Perenelle Flamel. There were far more scenes or chapters with Perenelle. The main design is a cup filled with water, the next elemental magic they learn. The symbol on the left is a spider, and through books 2 and 3, Perenelle is associated with an ancient Spider Elder who helps her. Now, moving on.
There is so much magic through the book than before. There wasn’t a lot of magic in Book 1, only small explanations of auras and small bits and spells done by Nicholas, but now there is A LOT more. More thrill. More to what I might have been looking for when I first started the series. The first book lacked a lot of magic and greatness. It didn’t give a lot about teh magic characters, only saying that they are The Immortal Nicholas Flamel, or Perenelle Flamel, or Scattach the Warrior Maid. But now, there is so much. So much more description through teh book. Now, I can start to imagine and visualize myself in the scene as the twins meet Shakesphere or when Josh uses Clarent- the sword. There are also so many surprises. Like, I expected Gilgamesh to be an actual king, not the person he is mentioned as in the book. Plus there is a lot of mystery, small ones that last for a few seconds, and some that leave you open-mouthed and in desperation to read the next book. Near the time of meeting Gilgamesh, there is so much confusion. Like the characters are arguing on who is an enemy to who or what they did. So many turns and changes. Amazing.
But, then again there are a few things that I did not like. There were a few mysteries left behind in teh end. like, what happens to the ancient Spider Elder? Of course, these are meant for the next book, but then again, there are still a few that needed to be explained further. Billy the Kid. He’s supposed to be this great immortal who did something that got him immortality in his 20’s. What did he do? There wasn’t any description or information on what he did or anything. Machiavelli had a background story as well as Dee. Why not Billy the Kid? Another thing. When Scattach goes missing, they didn’t fully explain what happened to her. How she came back. They just say that she battled her attacker for a long time, lost him, and went back to Joan and Saint- Germain.  Can’t they explain what happened properly? I feel like there should have been so much more to that. She’s The Shadow, a legendary warrior, and she just wins a battle as simple as this?? No no no no no. It should be more informative. That’s what this story and the series lack. Information. 
ANyway, I hoep everyone stays well, and my book review was well. I will see you in the next post. Bye!

Part 69- An annoying change of plans, but exciting treats

Hi, so I am in a bit of a rush today. I have to do something incredibly boring and something at all means I do not want to do at 5:30, but I have to because it’s a task given by dad, and task given by parents are ones you have to do, no matter how much you refuse and don’t want to do it. I know that by the time I post this, it will be around, but, I just wanted to write this so I don’t forget or get tired later. Updates: So, I just finished The Sorceress this morning, and have started The Necromancer. This is Book 4, and that means that I am just 1 book away from reading The Warlock, which is Book 5. YES! The story still prevails, and it continues to thrill and interest me as one book starts and finishes. 

I was supposed to do a book review on that today, but then dad’s utterly boring and annoying task showed up, so I had to change my plans a bit. UGH!!! I am extremely busy, dad! I literally had to almost rush through my Kumon Reading packets after hearing this, and now I am practically madly typing away on my keyboard to finish this blog. What else? I dunno. I guess, I just found a new song that I like. How Long- but I prefer it sung by KIDZ BOP. It’s really catchy. I’m actually listening to it as I write this bit. Ummmm, I get Bubble Tea either tomorrow, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, because it’s just going to be me and Mumma at home, as dad is going on a ride. Sooo, yeah. I just asked Mumma if I could get some as we planned on the fun we were going to have, at home, when he was away, and I asked if I could get some. Obviously, she said yes- why would I have said that I’m getting some if she hadn’t said yes?? Lol. Ok, so it is 5:02, and I have no clue about if I should keep writing or just finish up. Ooh, I get shrimp for dinner. Mumma made some for dad’s bike friends- for the ride, and we get some as dinner for tonight. Ummmmmmmmmm…… Yeah, I guess that’s all. I knwo this was one of the strangest posts I have written, but thanks for staying and reading on. Time to go do that super boring and annoying task dad gave me. Bye.

Part 67- The Magician Book Review

You know, writing a series for this long, almost every day, makes you wonder how much you’ve done or actually accomplished. I’m at 67 parts now. I’m awfully close to 100, and I’m not sure when I should stop the series.  I’m thinking about ending it near the start of school, or I could continue it, and write about how the school has changed for COVID-19 safety. 

Hello!!!! Today’s topic is going to be another book review. I finished the 2nd book of the series I am reading, just last or 2 weeks ago, and I am doing a review on it. This one is about Book 2 of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. This book is, The Magician. 
I have to say, The Magician was a much better book than the first. it made me feel more interested in reading the rest of the series, and it had more action. It was much better. Let’s start with Likes and Don’t like.
Nicholas Flamel, Sophie, Josh, and legendary warrior Scattach have come to Paris. A place teeming with more enemies and associates such as Niccolo Machiavelli, than friends. Perenelle is still trapped, and Nicholas is running out of time to save her. To learn the 2nd elemental magic, Fire Magic, Sophie must train with Saint-Germain, Nicholas’ old student, alchemist, magician, and a rock star. 
This book had more action and it was clearer to understand. Even though it was mainly in one setting or one country the whole time, it turned out really nicely. So much suspense and magic and action, it was awesome. Even though the book had more characters, they were all used and no one was left out or forgotten about. In the last one, there were a few characters that wouldn’t come into the next book and it was maid well to explain why they wouldn’t, but they didn’t really do much. They only had like a few times when they showed up, whereas, even though some characters would be defeated or would not show up again, it was well plotted out on how they would not return, and were mentioned more. 
I have to say, there wasn’t a lot of things to not like in this book. There are a few things though. In the beginning, when introducing a new character, they were explaining where he was and what he had been doing as he lived- because he is immortal-, but it doesn’t really tie into the rest of the story. Was I just to mention what he liked to do or would it come in handy? I wasn’t sure. Another thing, in this book there is more info and more parts with Perenelle Flamel. Throughout, they have been saying things like, The Sorceress is unbeatable, she is really powerful, etc. I know that as she is aging, her powers are weakening, but still, her powers don’t see that extraordinary or powerful to me. I would like more parts with Perenelle showing more of her extraordinary powers.
Other than that, the book was such an improvement compared to the first one. I have started reading Book 3- The Sorceress, and it is very fascinating. 
I’m not going to give any spoilers, but, I have to say, this book is convincing me that Nicholas Flamel and his wife may not be all heroic and amazing as everyone says. That perhaps, they may not be on the “good side” nor the “bad side”. Just, on their own side. NO MORE SPOILERS!!! Anyway, I hope everyone is well and checks out these books. Despite the first book not being as impressive, it is a remarkable series that is well written, and I think everyone should check it ou.t BYE!!!

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 54

Hello. Today is June 7th, as you all can see, and it is Sunday. It has been a very quiet Sunday, and for some reason, I have a good feeling about today. I feel like today is going to be a good day. Now, today is Sunday, so I usually have less HW than usual, so I decided that I should write my blog now so that I don’t run out of room. I have wanted to get a lot of topics posted and I haven’t been able to do that lately, so, let’s get back on track with our plans. 

Now, you know that very recently I have finished my Alchemyst book, after quite a long time. This was very unnatural for me. I have started the next book, but, I thought that I should give a review of the book.
First, I want to say that the book was splendid. We know about Nicholas Flamel from Harry Potter but we only know some parts of him. This book tells the story of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel and his wife, Perenelle Flamel. 
Twins Sophie and Josh Newman have led ordinary lives, until one day, after a mysterious explosion from a bookstore, they learn that things are not what they seem, including the owner of the shop. Nicholas Flamel, the greatest alchemist to ever live, who, according to historical records, died in 1418. What if he has been alive this whole time, creating an elixir of life from an ancient book, the Book of Abraham? In the wrong hands, the book can destroy the world, which is exactly what Dr. Dee plans to do now that he has stolen it. Follow Sophie, Josh, and Nicholas Flamel as they ally with friends, and battle foes as they find one hope, that the twins are the twins of the prophecy. They have the power, all they have to do is learn how to use it. 
First I’m going to explain what I liked about this book. I really like Harry Potter, it is one of my most favorite book series. In the first book, Nicholas Flamel has been mentioned, and he is a bit mysterious. We know that he has created the elixir of life- the sorcerers stone- but we don’t know a lot. The book tells the story further, like what he has done when he has been creating this book, it has magic, ancient mysteries, and a whole lot of adventure. I like how all the characters are real. ( Small spoiler) In the book, Josh is researching the characters when Nicholas Flamel appears because he is skeptical. Of course, Sophie and Josh are possibly not real, but Nicholas Flamel, Dr. John Dee, Perenelle Flamel, etc. Some are from legends, but others are real characters from the past. I find that interesting. There is a fact, that Nicholas Flamel’s tomb was broken into and empty when he died. The mystery is, no one knows what happened. This book gives a fantasy image of what is happening from that day. I like ancient history and secrets and fantasy, so for me, this was one of my favorite books.
Next, we do the opposite. As much as I liked the book, I didn’t like it. I’ve started reading book 2,  The Magician. 

To me, it feels like the second book is more interesting than the 1st. In The Alchemyst, the plot went too quickly. It all happened so fast. I would have enjoyed it more if it was slower, and it built up more suspense. I didn’t really feel any suspense when there were new characters or enemies. Also, some of the characters, they are from legends and ancient times, and when mentioned in the book, I didn’t really feel that much greatness or power coming from them sometimes. That also makes me refer to description. I have to say, that if there was maybe a bit more description, in powers, or strength, or anything, it would have been much better. In the second book, so far, the plot is more spread out and taken one bit at a time. The characters that started to get introduced in the book, were well described, with more explanation about them, and their history, and what they did, and who they were. It really was more descriptive, explanative and more plotted out. 
Either way, whether it had some bad things or good things, I really liked the first book. I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the series and I cannot wait to finish it and give a better review. Hopefully, it will be more explainative andhelp me understand the first book more. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuart Gibbs Books

Stuart Gibbs is an amazing author, in my opinion, and his stories are the absolute best and a thriller for mysteries. His stories include, The Funjungle series, The Spy School series, Moon Base Alpha series, The Charlie Thorne series, and the Last Muskateer series. So far I’ve only finished the Funjungle and Moon Base Alpha series and am currently on the Spy School series, and about to finish it, but I hope to read every book he publishes. If you have never read one on his books, I’ve got you covered because I’m going to review each of his books in The Funjungle, Moon Base Alpha, and Spy School series and give a brief summary about what happens throughout the books.

Funjungle Series:
 The Funjungle series is 5 books, Belly Up, Poached, Big Game, Panda-Monium, and Lion down. Each book has the same main characters, a twelve year old boy named Teddy Fitzroy whose  famous parents work for the largest zoo, Fun Jungle, in Texas, owned by rich J.J. McCracken. Teddy befriends J.J’s daughter, Summer, in Belly Up while trying to crack the mystery of who murdered Henry the Hippo. In Poached they’re trying to find a stolen koala, Big Game, discover who’s trying to kill a rhino, Pana-Monium, who stole their panda when transporting, and in Lion Down, did a mountain lion really kill a dog, or is she innocent. Each time a mystery breaks out, Teddy and Summer are on the case, stepping into danger, threats, blackmail and hungry animals, all in the Funjungle series. In my opinion, Belly Up was the best book. It was a fresh idea, new, and Stuart Gibbs was trying something. The plot was well done and the culprit(s) was unbelievable. How the culprit(s) did their crime and why and who they did it with was just phenomenal. It was a bit boring in the second one. You could easily guess who did it and the reason why wasn’t that exciting. Big game was different, it was like Belly Up but a bit strange. Soe of the clues were misleading and make the mystery better, but the culprit(s)’s didn’t seem to make sense of why they were trusted. In Panda- Monium, the plot and culprit(s) story felt the same with Poached’s, but different. The culprit(s) was a bit obvious, yet the story was still intriguing and humorous. In Lion down, there were two mysteries to be solved, and I was impressed. The culprit(s) were unbelievable and you could see why they did it. The most interesting part was the first clue in the first mystery, and it mixed well with the culprit(s). It wouldn’t matter which book would be the best if judging them as a series as they are all interesting and well done and without every one of them they wouldn’t tie the book together.
Moon Base Alpha:
The three books in this series are Space case, Spaced Out, and Waste of Space. This series actually takes place in the future where we supposedly live on the moon and have a more advanced technology.
The main character is a 12-13 year old boy named Dashiell Gibbson who lives on the moon with his family and groups of other families or scienists, and a jerk trillionare family who are spoiled and rotten. He becomes friends with a girl named Kira Howard. In Space Case the two become friends and solve a mystery on who killed Dr. Holtz. Dashiell discovers another surprise after solving Dr. Holtz’s death, which is a bit unique. Spaced Out is where Dash and Kira are solving to find the moon base commander who has mysteriously disappeared. I think Spaced Out is the best book, because Dash and Kira actually wouldn’t have been able to solve this without Dash’s little sister’s help. The mystery was intense and every small clue was a perfect buildup to the suspense. In Waste of Space, Dash’s 13th birthday is interrupted as the trillionare father is poisoned. This story is full with an interesting solution of who was the poisoner and the smallest clue in the beginnibg which everyone supposedly missed. This book is really good and would have been my favorite, if the ending had not been so sad. The ending was very heartbreaking as the surprise Dashiell discovers is no long with him and had departed. The rest was meant to be fun as it showed the future he has along with Violet’s, his sister, and Kira’s, but the part before that just set a sad voice to read the ending in my head.
Spy School:
The spy school series it the largest, I think, and one with a full different plot than the other series, Funjungle and Moon Base Alpha. The Spy School series is about a 13 year old kid named Ben Ripley who gets recruited to a spy facility for kids, who work for the CIA. There are 7 books, Spy School, Spy Camp, Evil Spy School, Spy Ski School, Spy School Secret Service, Spy school goes south, and Spy School British Invasion. I am currently on Spy School goes Southa and unfortunatley can only go up to Spy School Secret Service. In Spy School, Ben learns how to be a spy with his level 16 math skills and poor reflexes, and developed a crush on top student Erica Hale, who’s family are legendary spies, except one. A new organization called has decided to show themselves, after targeting Ben in the middle of the night, and continues to do so in the whole series. Ben discoveres a mole in the school and tries to thwart the secret organization they work for, who attacked him. In Spy camp, Ben’s in summer camp, and hopefully discovers the secret organizations’s plans while trying to rescue Erica and her grandfather with his new friends. In Evil Spy School, Ben is expelled from school, and recruited to the evil organiztions’s school, where he is actually a mole, rooting out info for the CIA. Ben befriends a rich Chinese buisnessman’s daughter, only as an act to destry her fathers’s work with the evil organization. In this book Stuart Gibbs incorporates skiing, avalanches, girl and friend drama to create a unique story with a twist and a new recruit. Spy School Secret Service is Ben’s lucky oppertunity, and exasperating oppertunity, to be undercover to discover who’s trying to kill the president. He’s a pretend friend of the presidents’s son, only to realize he’s a jerk, making a huge mistake or save along the way. Now on the run, Ben tries to clear his name with Erica, and solve the mystery before he gets caught. My favorite book is a tie between Evil Spy school and Spy School secret service. Both books are full of exciting mystery and drama, that I couldn’t decide which I like better, for now. So far, all of Stuart Gibbs’s books have a bit of romance in them and I personally don’t like romace, yet, the books are so well written or well planned out that they will overpower the romance so all you remember is how the mystery was solved or what it is, and what the story is about.

I have yet to read the rest of the spy school series and all of Stuart Gibbs’s books and hope I do.Stuart Gibbs is such an amazing author who tells remarkable stories, each coated with a full mystery and drama. I hope he creates many more books like he has already published, and they will be even better than the last. I want to Thank him very much for creating these books, becasue without them , I would never have been able to love mysteries as much as I do today, and have a better entertainment to read instead of fantasies. Again, Stuart Gibbs is a truly amazing author who creates the most wonderful and thrilling mysteries, and I hope everyone enjoys his books like I do.