Why I love doing art

If you look around in a art museum or an art studio, you can see beautiful pieces of artwork made by talented artists. If you have ever seen the Mona Lisa, then you should realize that she has a mysterious smile on her face. Leonardo da Vinci made the painting this way but, none know why. Many pieces of art are mysterious or warming, creepy or delightful, and wacky or charming. I love doing art with the welcoming pleasure of  creativity rushing in my body. I love doing art and I’ll tell you why.


Why do you think these artists made these paintings? Did they make them just for fun? Did they do this just to sell it and become rich? The correct answer in none of these. Artists use their CREATIVITY to paint these paintings. Some artists didn’t become famous because of a painting. Leonardo da Vinci became famous because of his paintings AND his inventions. I love doing art because of the creativity and inspirations I get. I get my inspirations from my friends, the videos I watch on Netflix, things around me and much more! Another reason I love doing art is about the way you can use different materials to color your design or picture. Whenever I draw, I use marker to border the design and then use crayon or colored pencil to shade it in the inside. You can make different pieces of art and there is no right or wrong way to make one. All you need is an inspiration and some creativity. Art inspires me to try something new. If I went a whole day without doing art, then I would go nuts. 


If creativity comes to you, you should use it. That creativity is actually a seed and when you start drawing it out, then you get an inspiration. That seed starts to grown until it has grown into a beautiful tree. When it is fully grown, your piece of art will be complete to show your creativity. Art is the best way to show your creativity in any way. If you have an inspiration, don’t wait. That inspiration is the key to a masterpiece that shines you all over. Here are some of my inspirations that I drew. They may be difficult to see because of the shade. 😅😬

Lindsey in Paris
Fiona in France
A Mona Lisa child
Jessica in her own land
Ruby in school paradise
Lexi in a world full of magic
Stella the pop star ⭐️
Thanksgiving family



To paint you need to know the steps. Step number 1,you need a peice of paper or canvas. Step 2, you can paint anything you want or follow numbers to paint. Step 3, make sure that you don’t have dry paint and put something under your paper and paint. Step 4, dip your brush in water and dry a tiny bit on a paper. Step 5, start painting lightly. Step 6, have fun! These are the 6 steps for painting, and you should always follow the 6 steps. I love to paint and when you know how to paint real pictures, you don’t have to follow the 6 steps. I felt happy painting again yesterday and finally do some thing I wanted to do. 

My art picture

This is my art picture that I did in school. It is a windmill. You can see the sky and grass are really diffrent from the rest because I used a watercolor pencil to do the trick. The way the watercolor pencil works is when you use a colored pencil, a brush, and some water. I know you might say, “What do you do with these materials?” Well you use a colored pencil and color something with it. I did green for my grass and blue for my sky.When you are done coloring  then you get the brush and dip it in water. Then you spread it on  the color from the colored pencil and let it dry. After a while it should be dry and presto you have a beutiful drawing. I did the rest by crayon and it turned out pretty good.My art teacher, Ms. Gamache, taught us how to draw the windmill and everyone got excited and happy when she told us that we were going to use watercolor pencils because this was our first time using them.
This is my second favorite art picture that I drew and I just can’t wait to draw this again. I feel so excited that we did this windmill because it will remind me when we made it when I am in 3rd grade. Almost everyone thought  that this was the best art project ever. My most favorite art project is  the owl one where we drew an owl and painted it with secondary colors and decorated it wih designs. I think that this art project is neat because you get to do something cool with art things. I just love love love the new art creation that I learned when we were making the windmill.