My journey to Arizona.

Yesterday I came back to Dallas from Arizona. On Saturday I went to Arizona for vacation. On my way to Arizona me, my mom and dad had to go on 2 airplanes and the first plane that we went one was going to Denver then the second plane was going to Arizona. When we reached Arizona we went on a shuttle to get a rental car. When we got a car we went to Ravi kaka’s house to spend the night there. The next morning me and my mom and dad went to grand canyon. When we reached grand canyon me and my mom went into the visitor center and looked at some things inside it then we went hiking when my dad found us. We went in shuttles and walked when taking pictures of grand canyon. When we were done with that we saw a small movie that talks about the grand canyon and people that went there and discovered it. When we were done we went on a shuttle that took us to the cars. I had fallen asleep in the car becuase I was tired and it was night time when we reached Ravi kaka’s home I was asleep. The next morning we took the car and went to red rock bell rock and chathedral rock and took lots of pictures. We also found the hotel and slept there. The place that the hotel was at was at paige. When it was morning my dad got break fast for me from the first floor. Then we went to horse shoe bent and horse shoe bent is a river that looks’s like a horse shoe but it is bent then we went to a place that had planets and they showed us the sun through a telescope.Next we went to a cruise ship for dinner when it was dinner time and then we went to paige when dinner was done. The next morning we went to Ravi kaka’s house that was in phoenix and we stoped many times and then got there when it was about dinner time and we all went to a resturant. When we were done  we went back home and the next morning we gave the car back and went on a small bus that took us to the airport then went on the same flights that took us to arizona.