Part 84- Sad,sad,sad news.

So, something terrible happened. A bird was flying and ran into one of our windows. Because of the sun’s reflection, they can’t really see that it’s a window. So, this bird hits the window with so much force, and we – my dad- go outside to examine what happened, and he finds the little bird. The bird was on teh ground and couldn’t get up, so my dad picked him up, and the bird was trying to get away from him. So, my dad puts him back on the ground so he could get up by himself, but he couldn’t. So, he puts the little bird in a little basket and calls me down. We get some water and a cotton ball, and gently holding the little bird in his hand, tries to awaken the bird. This is the saddest news. We could not get him to wake up, and we think he has broken his neck. It was loped around a bit and could not be held up. Now, we’re going to bury him in a little part of our backyard, in a little spot. It’s heartbreaking, that we could have saved his life and we couldn’t. I was supposed to write about something else, something exciting but we can write about that later. Below will be a small picture of him, and this is the end of the blog. I don’t want to say too much, except about what happened. 

Part 80- Check out….. The Benefits of being an Octopus!

Hello everyone, so in my opinion, I think my blog cam out fairly well yesterday. To be honest, I had written almost all of it a few weeks ago, before not being able to finish it, and I just added my newer thoughts and a finish to it. Still, it came out really nicely. I’m proud of myself. Sadly, I do not have another blog in store for you that will or would have been as good as the last one for you. Right now, I am mentally exhausted. ( I’m trying to say that my brain is tired from working too much.) I just finished my Kumon, and despite how much fun I had with learning the Remainder Theorem and solving so many problems and equations with it I am exhausted. It took out nearly all my energy for today, so I cannot write a lot today. My topic for today was on Legally vs. Ethically. The day I wrote my ICE foreign student blog, I had a discussion on it at dinner. We discussed on how things can be legally right and ethically right, legally right and ethically wrong, and legally wrong and ethically right. I wanted to share what I had learned and related back to the post on that. About the action President Trump did and whether it was one of those. ( The legally right or wrong ) I will instead, write about that tomorrow, and write about something else today.

So, Middle Schoolers and up have to do a summer reading project. I love reading, especially in summer because I have plenty of time to read, but I absolutely dislike summer reading projects. I don’t like to read for some project or assignment on it. I read to understand it. To experience different worlds and visit a different world of imagination and creativity. Of suspense and adventure and a fantasy version of real life. Even though I absolutely dislike these projects, I do do them because I don’t like getting in trouble. Me getting in trouble, especially with an adult other than my parents makes me feel humiliated and embarrassed inside. Even if it’s just a simple warning or a telling to stop, I will feel that inside me. I’m not really a bad kid in school, as I try really hard to do everything my teachers like me to do, but it does happen every once in a while. Off-topic. Anyway, as I was saying, I had a summer reading project this year. I chose the book, ” The benefits of being an Octopus” as my book. I wanted to just take a peek at it, you know, read a few pages. And….. well… I think you already know what happened. Those pages turned into chapters and so on. I was reading it digitally, so I didn’t knwo how much I had read. So, I checked it, and I 3 chapters away from finishing the book. In less than an hour and 30 minutes, I had finished a 25 chapter book. That’s how good it was. It was such a new reading genre and style for me as well. I don’t really read real-life experiences, but I did in this book, and I loved it. A simple 12-13-year-old girl becomes more aware of her family than before, only after joining a debate club. It changed her whole life, no matter how much she didn’t want to attend it. I’m in love with it. It was and is such a fabulous read. I think you should check it out. It is such a well-written book and, it has so much to teach you. About debate I mean. And octopuses or octopi- whichever you want to call them. Anyway, I hope everyone checks this supper awesome book out, and stays safe. BYE!!!!!!!!11

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 51

Ok, so terrible news. First, our plans for the discussion on George Floyd’s death have been canceled and postponed for another time. Right now, something else has happened. Not here, not in Texas, not in the United States, but in India. ( Sources are from The Economy times, and petition)

On May 27th, a 15-year-old pregnant elephant, who was fed a pineapple, filled with firecrackers, FIRECRACKERS, died. She remained calm when this happened, even though she was going through tremendous pain, and died while standing. According to The Economy Times, the Wildlife Officer of Silent Valley National Park said that they observed the poor elephant on May 23 when locals had informed them about it wandering through a private area of a forest. Apparently, she had a wound of which exposed her lower jaw. She was trying to look for water, only water, to help relieve the pain. The Wildlife Officer said that they were going to take the elephant out of the river to help her, but sadly, she died while standing. 
Now, I love animals. My favorite is actually the owl, but it has transitioned to elephants, to foxes, and back to owls. I just heard this a little while ago, and I am extremely mad, shocked, and enraged with this cruel act.  Let me make one thing very clear. Ahem… ANIMALS HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG TO US AT ALL. THEY ARE INNOCENT BEINGS. NOTHING AND NO ONE DESERVES THIS. ESPECIALLY FOR THE FACT THAT THIS POOR, HARMLESS, BEAUTIFUL CREATURE WAS PREGNANT! This is like killing a soon to be a mother who is pregnant. This whole situation- put into human terms. 
Who would do such a cruel and devastating act like that??? I mean who?? When they find out whoever did this, oh, I’m not going to be happy. Not a bit. Sadly, everything I want to do for this innocent creature cannot happen. However, there is one other option, As I stated in the first paragraph, there is actually a petition going on to have justice for her. By the time this blog is posted, I will have posted my name on the petition, hopefully, anonymous with the approval on anonymous from my parents, and, I really really hope that more people- hopefully, you dear readers- will also sign your name to have justice for this elephant. 
Now, something similar also happened a while ago. I’m not sure if it was in India or not, but I do remember what happened- somewhat. So, a mother elephant- I think she was pregnant or had a child with her- had her child and was shot and killed by a farmer, just because she was looking for food for her child. Why? 
One- Yes I understand why the farmer was mad. Elephants were eating their crops that they ( the farmer) had probably grown himself. 
Two- Though it is upsetting that the animals were eating your crops, you shouldn’t go and kill the poor creature. You might not know at that second that the animal is pregnant or looking for food to support their young who is somewhere else, but why take the risk???? Why can’t you try to maybe usher her out with maybe some wheat? Or maybe some fruit. I dunno. Take her somewhere else where she can eat the food away from your crops. Maybe she might not come again. But overall, why would you go and kill such a beautiful creature that is slowly going extinct by the cruel forces of humankind that includes me???????
Ok, calm down, me. Dear readers of this blog written by a 12-year-old who has little power as of right now, please please please sign your name on the petition for Justice of the poor harmless elephant who died tragically from a cruel hooligan who thought it would be funny to do something like that. 

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 47

Helloo!!!!!! Guess what??!!!!! There was a snake in our garden. Not just any snake, a rat snake, a Texas rat snake. Wow! Sat first I actually thought it was a rattlesnake, because of the pattern, but there was no rattle, so it is apparently a rat snake. It was pretty adorable but incredibly long. Maybe a foot or around a foot. There will be pictures at the end. Anyway, yesterday dad gave me this puzzle. I had asked him for a new iPad and he gave me the puzzle on it. If I can find out an option C, to not lose any money myself but have all control over the new iPad, he’ll buy it in one day. So, I am currently in the process of trying to understand this cryptic code. Sooo much math. He says that the concept is confusing and challenging, but the math is very simple. I’ve just got to solve everything to check the answers and understand all the numbers. The answer is in the puzzle- somewhere. Also, We’ve almost finished our daily crossword!!! We were soo close!!! Only a few letters and we would have completed it. I’m not sure if there are more but I hope we can complete the whole thing soon. Anyway, I should go work on my math puzzle. See you later.

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 36

Well, this is the same again. The same thing every time. Writing a blog, some of which are pretty mediocre. This same process every day. until now. See, I got a tip to write about animal enslavement. In Minecraft, I have been desperately trying to tame a Llama. I finally managed to and tamed 4-5 llamas. Huzzah! Then, dad asked, whether animal enslavement was the same as human enslavement. ” That’s absurd” comes to mind, but then, it really makes you think. Is it the same. thinks so. They say, that though it is different from human slavery, it is, after all, a type of slavery. I do think it is the same. We all may think it isn’t because we’re dominant. We can kill a chicken and eat it. It may be a bit difficult for them but we might kill them faster. Thinking about this makes me go back to Planet of the Apes. The original movie shows the same thing. Apes have taken over, and now the humans are slaves. Horses were used to pull carts, humans were used, animals were put into cages, humans were put into cages, animals are used as pets, humans were used as pets. After you put this into perspective, you really start to question whether or not if they are the same. In my opinion, yes, animal enslavement is the same as human enslavement.

Animals are used in many ways. Almost taken for advantage now. We used horses to pull carriages, cattle, and livestock bred for meat and food, animals for studying and put them into cages, hunting, and more. Human slavery. Slaves were forced to work with little or no payment. They were treated without respect and were separated and categorized as different. Animal and Human enslavement is different in many ways, but they both are put to work and harshly treated. Animals may seem happy but, what if they’re not. Kept behind a cage all day, poked and prodded at and only let out for very little reasons. No one thinks about this when you put this into a human perspective. Maybe one day, the animals will turn onto us, and who knows, maybe we will understand what the reality is like for them. People say to not harm the animals, Oh be kind to them. Giving them good food, homes, care, isn’t the same. To truly be kind, is to leave them be. Actually, let them go back to who they were. This is really sad now. We depend on them so much, for food and other things, that we may change. Some people really love meat, and I’ll be honest, I love chicken and a nicely cooked Turkey bacon on the weekends. It’ll be really hard for us to get used to not eating those anymore if we are kind to them. Then again, should we keep some cows for milk, and some animals for farms? That’s another question. If we let go of animals, what do we do!? Can we change the way we farm? The way we eat? Live? 

I feel upset. I really love chicken and I love Turkey Bacon. I always wait for the next time Mumma cooks them. I really would feel mad and upset if we stopped using animals and let them be free. But then, I feel shocked when I thought further about animal enslavement. I couldn’t believe that this was the same as our experience. Slavery. It was like the same thing. We said this shouldn’t happen again, though we-including myself- haven’t realized that we do it every day. We might eat about thousand of innocent animals every year. Thousands maybe hurt from us. From polluting their environments, and taking them from their homes and breeding them for our own use is selfish. Yes, selfish. These creatures were here first and we pretty much pushed them out. What have we done!!?? Now, what do we do!?? That is the real question. If we actually do give back to the animals, and truly be kind to them, what do we do?

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 32

May 5, 2020:

Log number 32 of the 9 weeks at home COVID-19 series. I just finished my test for Kumon today, got it all ready to be graded, and I’ve completed all my math HW and looked at ELS. I have no u=idea about what I have to do for art, even though there are instructions. I have to write an artist statement, which I have literally no idea how to do for the choice I am dong. I’m doing #2, which is a point shape perspective. I’ll have to try again tomorrow. I’ve been thinking about getting another fish. I’m not sure if I’ve told you this already. anyway, I’ve had A LOT of fish in the past. The very first one I’ve gotten was in Ohio, named Snowy, at around 5 years old. She lived for a while, before going belly-up. I had no clue she was dead and thought she was sleeping. Mumma took her to the doctor, I learned she was dead, flushed down the toilet, etc. The same process happened for a while except, the fish started dying quicker. I have a plastic semi-circle bowl I hung on my wall, and we always kept the fish in there. It wasn’t until we moved to Texas when I wanted another fish. Last year, we cleaned up that bowl and brought a goldfish home. She lived for less than 2 days. One more, who died overnight. This time I have plans for a beta fish, one who will live in a glass bowl and will live!!! ( After Corona)  I mentioned this yesterday, but I really want to buy Minecraft on my phone. There was a really cool new update to the game ( on my Xbox) and I just blew it off. Now I have the glum version, with the old updates and I really want the new one. There are new blocks, villages/villagers, enemies, weapons, and cooler features. I really want it NOW!!!!!!!!! I’m hoping that one day I can find the update so I can have the cool stuff too! Why do I procrastinate sometimes????!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I’ve got to go study Marathi now. Bye!!!!!!!!

When we saved a turtle

On Wednesday when my mom and dad were dropping me off to my violin class we saw a turtle crossing the road and it hid in its shell. My daddy turned the car around and got out of the car. When it was okay to walk, my daddy picked up the turtle and told me to get out of the car to take a picture with him. I got out of the car and took a photo of the turte. Then I touched the turtle’s nails, the nails were long and smooth. Then my daddy picked up the turtle again and climed up a small mound of dirt and slowly put the turtle back. As he was doing that the turtle landed on the ground. My daddy picked it up again and put him under a tree. Then he came back to the car. I was happy that we rescued a turtle and put it safely on the other side. I also am happy that we rescued the turtle because we care for animals and we don’t want them to die.


Seals are animals that live in cold water. Their homes are in the north pole. Seals love to swim. Seals use their filipers to move. The seals favorite food are fish. Seals also have fins and they have them on the back after the part where the stomach comes in. Seals have sharp black claws and a nose that is black, they use their claws to dig in the sand down below and use the nose to sniff the fish out of the ground if it is burried in the ground. Seals have wiskers and eyes too. They use their eyes to see in the cold water and wiskers to feel the fish under them. 


Swans are birds. Swans are called Barron and Queen. When swans want to clean there body they use their beak and a beak is like a mouth but it is pointing at you. The swan uses his head and it goes in his body and that is how they clean their feathers. When swans clean their feathers the feathers land on the ground or in the water. Swans are white and have black on the side of their beak and in the middle before the beak. Swans like to eat spinach and like some other things I can’t remember of.


Monkeys are the animals that eat bananas and act crazy. Monkeys love to climb, swing and slide. Monkeys go bannanas when they see bannanas. Monkeys are funny. Monkeys are one of the animals who live in the trees. Monkeys also love climing more than anything becuase that is the only way to move anywhere they want if they see something or someone. All monkeys look diffrent becuase there are different types of monkeys.Those monkey’s noses are special because it makes a sound and that sound is ker-honk. There is a monkey god named Hanuman.