I got a new American girl doll last Sautarday. Her name is Kashi. She looks like me but has textured hair, and it’s brown not black. Now I have another doll to play with my other doll, Julie. I got a camping set,accecories, and boots with my doll,at target because I thought that my dolls might need other things than just a bed and wardrobe. I really am enjoying to play with 2 dolls,and I really want to work hard to get my third doll really quickly just like how I got my 2nd doll, Kashi. I am really happy to get Kashi. 

The stall

On Sautarday we set up a stall. We sold Veg,sandwiches, sol-kadhi, a drink, and puff pastrys. Lots of people liked our pastrys and and drink. The sandwiches were also good. I was a  partner and collected tickets witch were 1$. We had 106 tickets even though three people had given us real money. My dad says I can get another American girl doll when I have 125$. I have 110$ and need 15$ more untill I have enough money. We sold lots of food items and drinks. 

Himalayan Kittens

A himalayan kitten is a kitten that is white and brown. The brown is on it’s ears, nose, tip of the tail and the tip of it’s feet. It has a pink nose and blue eyes. I know this because I have a toy himalayan kitten from Americam girl doll shop. I love cats and I want to get one as a pet but my dad says we are getting a dog not a cat. A himalayan kitten is really cute when it’s a toy because it has a cute face and it looks like it wants you to just hug it and give it a pat on the head.

American girl doll

I have a American girl doll. Her name is Julie. I went in the American doll shop once. In the shop there were American girl dolls and accessories. I saw a lot of dolls that looked like Julie. This shop is different because it has a salon and a cafe in one and has lots of dolls. This is also diffrent because nothing is fragil and you don’t have to throw them away. I want a lot of American girl dolls and I want all of Julie’s things. My doll has a Himalayan Kitten and I don’t have a name for it. American girl dolls are dolls perfect for girls and I hope you enjoy them to.  


I have an American girl doll and her name is Julie. Julie comes with a  golden color necklace. The necklace   has her name on it. Julie also comes with a purse, a hat and shoes that you can take off. The american girl dolls can stand up if you adjust their feet (my dad told me how to adjust their feet). You can also move their eyes and close them. You also can feel the eyelashes and the eyelashes feel like real eyelashes but a little bit thicker. Julie comes with a dime but I lost it and good thing that it is a fake dime because you will get in lot of trouble. I got Julie on my 6th birthday. I love Julie alot.