My summer achievements

This summer I had achieved many things. I have so many things to say that, it can’t be written down in 5 paragraphs.  

First of all, I have achieved the goal of finishing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Second, I got to see Universal Studios and also see Harry Potter world. Third, I was the best big sister to my cousin our trip. Fourth, I helped my mom in her store each week. Fifth, I got 2 lines of India’s national song correct. [ That doesn’t seem like a big achievement but, it was for me.] Sixth, I finished the entire Percy Jackson series. [ I’m almost done with the books, just need to finish 2 more.]  Seventh, I finished making a lego model of my entire house. From the kitchen to guest bedroom. Lastly eighth, I was able to be in contact with my best friend all summer. Stella.  These are all my achievements this summer. 

Here are the things I never got to do. Have a sleepover with Stella, buy a Ravenclaw robe from Harry Potter world, and finally, spend a lot of time with my family. I never got to spend a lot of time with my family this summer mainly because, they had work to do and were busy every second. I really want to go back to school soon because, I miss all my friends and being taught by a teacher who, gives fun activities to try each day. Other kids would want a longer summer, but I don’t. I want to have more time in school each year. This is the end of my blog for right now. I had a lot of achievements this summer and, will make many more this year. I really hope my studies are as good as last year’s when school starts. Thanks for reading!!!

Bulldog Blitz

Bulldog Blitz is a fundraiser for my school. Last Friday we did an obstycle course. We earned our bulldog blitz shirts and waterbottles. My favorite part was the obstycle course becuase it helped me train alot. We got to have a snack after bulldog blitz and even get face paint. Scince I was on the white team I got to choose a design in white,I chose 2 white streaks against my face, and  later got 2 blue streaks on my face for no reason😀. Our class goal for bringing in money was $1,500 and we passed our goal. So we earned $1,534.70 cents. We earneda popcicle party and dress Ms. Schemmel, my teacher, scince we passed the amount it was! We were going to have popcicle party today but Ms. Schemmel forgot them at her house. So we are going to have popcicle party on Wednesday also with dress Ms. Schemmel. We are still deciding about what our prize is going to be for $1,500. I can’t wait until they decide the top class!