My telephone headset

I have a telephone headset. It is blue and you can answer a call or pause something on it. This thing is going to be useful when I need to hear something when people are talking. This phone looks like the phone they used long back but instead they have a dial, mine does not have a dial because it is a headset and you use headsets when you need to haer something.When there is something that is to loud and you need to hear something or someone. For example, My mom was talking on the phone. She was cooking and talking. She would need headsets to listen to the phone when someone is talking on it. 

Each Kindness

Mrs. Hickerson read Each Kindness to the class. The story was about a girl named Maya. Maya is a new girl in a school, she sits next to a girl that does not like her when Maya is a nice little girl. The second girl had friends and when they went outside to play, Maya would come to them and ask them to play with her. Maya did not have friends and always wore clothes that were worn by someone else before (hand me downs). One day the teacher told the kids about kindnes. She told that they need to say what kindness they did. The little girl did not have anything to say so that meant she was not being true blue (kind and respectful like Beck Bulldogs). One day the teacher told them that Maya moved away, the girl was very sad that Maya was moving. The girl dicided to not be mean ever again. The End                     .

NO complaining

I will never complain that my armpit shows ever again. I will also wear all the clothes that my mom chooses. I always will choose my clothes when we go clothes shopping. When we go clothes shopping and come back and wear the clothes the next day without any complaning. I will always wear the clothes that my mom picked out for me. I will not do any thing that happend today Sunday 8|30|15. If I do this ever again my mom and dad will remind me for not keeping my promises. This story is a lesson.                                                                                              

My favorite animal

My favorite animal is an owl. I like owls because they stay awake at night time and sleep at day time. The second thing that I like about owls is that they say one word and that word is hoo. People might think that they are a knock knock joke when they are not. The last thing that I like about owls is that they are smart and can fly. Owls are my favorite becuase they hunt for food when you are asleep and you will never know when they will return home or take a nap. Owls a re my most favorite animal.

Rova Dova

Hello family and friends, my name is Rova Dova and I am writting a story about myself and I had already writen a story about my self but that one went away and you can ask but you dont have to do that any more becuase it came back. My family is great and none of us fight but sometimes we do but sometimes we dont becuase were family.Family’s are there for you and you need to be with them and they love you too .So when they need you you need them.


This is a picture of a seal and it is a seal and she is my favorite stuffed animal and my friend is like a person from my family named gargi and she is a really nice because when I saw that she had a seal and I said that I wanted a seal st like that one and when I went lto see her again she got one for me and know we both have a seal like this one and  know bboth have a seal like this one in the pictture and here both sisters nd I love myseal alot becuase she is silkie smooth and they are very cute.  

paw patrol

Paw patrol is a video of a boy and his pups save the day and the pups have trucks that they have when they have to go to save the day. There names are Chace Rocky Sky Zuma Revel and Marshal their owner is named Ryder and they save the world even if animals run away and the paw patrol. Their pup houses is their truck but Sky her pup house turned into a helicopter and she can fly they have special uniforms. And they are cute

The panda

This is my stuffed panda and she is so soft and fluffy that I can almost sleep with my panda at night time and I play with my panda a lot I really think that she is so cute and fun to play with. There are bigger pandas in China. This panda I got in Pune last time I was there she is so cute and fun to play with and so soft and I love her so much that I would never lose her ever again she is black and white and so soft and she is the cutest thing ever that I ever saw. 

My mom

My mom is the best mom in the world. She is the best mom.The reason I love her so much is that she takes good care of me and that’s why I love it. She makes me feel happy when I get a frown on my face. She is a great mom and I love it. I love my mom as much as I love chocolate. The best time with my mom is when I was a little girl. That’s why I love her so much. I love my mom when I was just growing up to be a big girl. I love my mom just so much that I love the way she is.


Kahea is my best friend and she is so nice and she is sometimes like me and I,m like her.We known each other when I was like 3 or4 years old and that’s how we have known each other.She came to all my birthday party’s and I have gone to hers.Our school’s name is muraski.We are in the same room and we were happy to be able to see each other again..We were best buddies with Aima.We all known each other when we were small like 3 or 4 years old.We all had a good time together. Know we can’t see each other because I am not in strongsville.I am in Texas and they are not in Texas.We miss each other a lot and we are not going to see echo other that much.We all had a good time. We all wish we could see each other again.I will come back to visit I told them.Me and Aima had a good time together we really miss  the times together and kahea to. We were in the same school when we met each other we really had fun