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Stuart Gibbs is an amazing author, in my opinion, and his stories are the absolute best and a thriller for mysteries. His stories include, The Funjungle series, The Spy School series, Moon Base Alpha series, The Charlie Thorne series, and the Last Muskateer series. So far I’ve only finished the Funjungle and Moon Base Alpha series and am currently on the Spy School series, and about to finish it, but I hope to read every book he publishes. If you have never read one on his books, I’ve got you covered because I’m going to review each of his books in The Funjungle, Moon Base Alpha, and Spy School series and give a brief summary about what happens throughout the books.

Funjungle Series:
 The Funjungle series is 5 books, Belly Up, Poached, Big Game, Panda-Monium, and Lion down. Each book has the same main characters, a twelve year old boy named Teddy Fitzroy whose  famous parents work for the largest zoo, Fun Jungle, in Texas, owned by rich J.J. McCracken. Teddy befriends J.J’s daughter, Summer, in Belly Up while trying to crack the mystery of who murdered Henry the Hippo. In Poached they’re trying to find a stolen koala, Big Game, discover who’s trying to kill a rhino, Pana-Monium, who stole their panda when transporting, and in Lion Down, did a mountain lion really kill a dog, or is she innocent. Each time a mystery breaks out, Teddy and Summer are on the case, stepping into danger, threats, blackmail and hungry animals, all in the Funjungle series. In my opinion, Belly Up was the best book. It was a fresh idea, new, and Stuart Gibbs was trying something. The plot was well done and the culprit(s) was unbelievable. How the culprit(s) did their crime and why and who they did it with was just phenomenal. It was a bit boring in the second one. You could easily guess who did it and the reason why wasn’t that exciting. Big game was different, it was like Belly Up but a bit strange. Soe of the clues were misleading and make the mystery better, but the culprit(s)’s didn’t seem to make sense of why they were trusted. In Panda- Monium, the plot and culprit(s) story felt the same with Poached’s, but different. The culprit(s) was a bit obvious, yet the story was still intriguing and humorous. In Lion down, there were two mysteries to be solved, and I was impressed. The culprit(s) were unbelievable and you could see why they did it. The most interesting part was the first clue in the first mystery, and it mixed well with the culprit(s). It wouldn’t matter which book would be the best if judging them as a series as they are all interesting and well done and without every one of them they wouldn’t tie the book together.
Moon Base Alpha:
The three books in this series are Space case, Spaced Out, and Waste of Space. This series actually takes place in the future where we supposedly live on the moon and have a more advanced technology.
The main character is a 12-13 year old boy named Dashiell Gibbson who lives on the moon with his family and groups of other families or scienists, and a jerk trillionare family who are spoiled and rotten. He becomes friends with a girl named Kira Howard. In Space Case the two become friends and solve a mystery on who killed Dr. Holtz. Dashiell discovers another surprise after solving Dr. Holtz’s death, which is a bit unique. Spaced Out is where Dash and Kira are solving to find the moon base commander who has mysteriously disappeared. I think Spaced Out is the best book, because Dash and Kira actually wouldn’t have been able to solve this without Dash’s little sister’s help. The mystery was intense and every small clue was a perfect buildup to the suspense. In Waste of Space, Dash’s 13th birthday is interrupted as the trillionare father is poisoned. This story is full with an interesting solution of who was the poisoner and the smallest clue in the beginnibg which everyone supposedly missed. This book is really good and would have been my favorite, if the ending had not been so sad. The ending was very heartbreaking as the surprise Dashiell discovers is no long with him and had departed. The rest was meant to be fun as it showed the future he has along with Violet’s, his sister, and Kira’s, but the part before that just set a sad voice to read the ending in my head.
Spy School:
The spy school series it the largest, I think, and one with a full different plot than the other series, Funjungle and Moon Base Alpha. The Spy School series is about a 13 year old kid named Ben Ripley who gets recruited to a spy facility for kids, who work for the CIA. There are 7 books, Spy School, Spy Camp, Evil Spy School, Spy Ski School, Spy School Secret Service, Spy school goes south, and Spy School British Invasion. I am currently on Spy School goes Southa and unfortunatley can only go up to Spy School Secret Service. In Spy School, Ben learns how to be a spy with his level 16 math skills and poor reflexes, and developed a crush on top student Erica Hale, who’s family are legendary spies, except one. A new organization called has decided to show themselves, after targeting Ben in the middle of the night, and continues to do so in the whole series. Ben discoveres a mole in the school and tries to thwart the secret organization they work for, who attacked him. In Spy camp, Ben’s in summer camp, and hopefully discovers the secret organizations’s plans while trying to rescue Erica and her grandfather with his new friends. In Evil Spy School, Ben is expelled from school, and recruited to the evil organiztions’s school, where he is actually a mole, rooting out info for the CIA. Ben befriends a rich Chinese buisnessman’s daughter, only as an act to destry her fathers’s work with the evil organization. In this book Stuart Gibbs incorporates skiing, avalanches, girl and friend drama to create a unique story with a twist and a new recruit. Spy School Secret Service is Ben’s lucky oppertunity, and exasperating oppertunity, to be undercover to discover who’s trying to kill the president. He’s a pretend friend of the presidents’s son, only to realize he’s a jerk, making a huge mistake or save along the way. Now on the run, Ben tries to clear his name with Erica, and solve the mystery before he gets caught. My favorite book is a tie between Evil Spy school and Spy School secret service. Both books are full of exciting mystery and drama, that I couldn’t decide which I like better, for now. So far, all of Stuart Gibbs’s books have a bit of romance in them and I personally don’t like romace, yet, the books are so well written or well planned out that they will overpower the romance so all you remember is how the mystery was solved or what it is, and what the story is about.

I have yet to read the rest of the spy school series and all of Stuart Gibbs’s books and hope I do.Stuart Gibbs is such an amazing author who tells remarkable stories, each coated with a full mystery and drama. I hope he creates many more books like he has already published, and they will be even better than the last. I want to Thank him very much for creating these books, becasue without them , I would never have been able to love mysteries as much as I do today, and have a better entertainment to read instead of fantasies. Again, Stuart Gibbs is a truly amazing author who creates the most wonderful and thrilling mysteries, and I hope everyone enjoys his books like I do.

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