Speeding to Read

On Tuesday, all the kids in my school went on a field trip to Texas Motor Speedway for Speeding to Read. At Texas Motor Speedway, there were 10 schools. The first annoncement was to tell which schools were which. Then they annonced the youngest race car driver from NASA and he is only 18 years old. There was a big screen and it showed  us a armadillo race and the armadillos go faster with screaming power and the armadillo colors were red, wight and blue. They told the kids what speeding to read was all about. Also on the screen were the schools and  the kids from every school wore a t-shirt that had like lots of stuff on the back  and on the front. On the front were cars and a Speeding to Read sign on it. On the left sleeve of the shirt  was the name of the school you are in. Now I know why we need to read in Samuel Beck. Each time we read in Samuel Beck means that you are helping your school earn more points. The announcers said that the school that has the most points wins a Domino’s pizza, a popcorn party and a frozen custard. The school with he most points also wins a huge trophy. I was bored and all sweaty at Texas Motor Speedway so I came back to school unhappy. I want to earn the Domino’s pizza for my school and friends so I’m going to read more everyday.  

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