Solar eclipse

This Monday there was a solar eclipse happening. There are different types of solar eclipses but, this one was different. In this solar eclipse, the moon was going to block the sun. You couldn’t see the solar eclipse by just looking at the sun, you needed special glasses to see it. In Nebraska you could see the full solar eclipse when, the moon blocks the sun completely.

You could get the glasses in many places. Kroger, 7 Eleven, Walmart, and many more. Every time we looked, they were all sold out or they didn’t have any. Finally, there was a library in Roanoke that would sell them. There you could go outside and see the solar eclipse. We only got to see 75% of the sun get covered in Texas. In the library, there was a huge line to get the glasses. Good thing we came early because, there was a huge line with more than 70 people waiting. The librarians said that they only had 100 glasses so, they told us to share if any adults have children. Since it was only my mom and me, we got one pair of glasses and a pinhole paper. With the paper, you could see the solar eclipse through the pinhole on the ground in the shadows. It would show you the change there was from time to time. We had ordered a special filter for our telescope that would let us see the solar eclipse through it. There was a delay with the shipment that made it come late. The cool part about the solar eclipse was he shadow. This is because, when the sun is shining on the leaves of the trees, it creates a shadow on the ground. Since the solar eclipse was happening, it could be seen on the leaves through the shadows. I thought that was really cool. 

This solar eclipse is one of the most amazing solar eclipses that I have seen. If you have also seen a solar eclipse, then you might have also hought that is was cool. Thanks for reading. 

Here is the picture of the pinhole
Here are the leaves
Here is a pinhole photo of the sun getting covered more.


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