RoVija Khapre

kind, diligent, driven, empathetic, and independent.

4 words: Indian American Highschool Student. Born into an Indian family and raised in America, I’m currently a highschool student who takes an active role in writing about the economy, politics, biomedicine, geopolitics, current affairs, and much more. Driven by passion, writing has become my longtime hobby, interest, and comfort over the past 10 years, and every day I aim to write something better than the last.

I’m a dedicated learner, taking a keen interest in new languages, cultures, history, and other opportunities to expand my knowledge. I am also fluent in speaking, writing, reading, and understanding Marathi. Music has been a major influence in my life, recently, with Korean artists such as Seventeen and The Rose, and Western Artists such as Sabrina Carpenter and Halsey. I’ve also been dedicated to the violin since I was 6 and continue to do so today as a member of my school’s Varsity Orchestra. Science has always been a present factor in my life, and I’ve grown to develop a fascination with body systems and how they interact with each other. 

As a person, I try to reflect on everything that happens, in order to achieve the best of what I can and also to help others. I am hard-working, and dedicated, but more importantly, have a pretty good sense of humor. I look forward to sharing my current and future endeavors with you through this journey.

  1. Kind: Kindness is a valuable quality for a teen to possess. Being kind involves showing compassion, and understanding, and treating others with respect and empathy. Kindness can foster positive relationships with customers, colleagues, and others involved in their future profession.
  2. Diligent: Diligence is crucial for a teen who is committed to their work and responsibilities. Being diligent means being thorough, attentive to detail, and dedicated to achieving high-quality work. It involves putting in the necessary effort, time, and focus to effectively address legal matters.
  3. Driven: Being driven signifies a strong motivation and ambition to succeed as a teen. Driven individuals are determined and enthusiastic about pursuing their goals. They demonstrate a proactive approach to their legal education and career, seeking opportunities for growth and improvement.
  4. Empathetic: Empathy is a vital attribute for a teen as it allows them to understand and connect with their clients on a deeper level. Empathetic attorneys are able to put themselves in others’ shoes, consider their emotions and experiences, and provide support and guidance accordingly.
  5. Independent: Independence is an important quality for a teen as they navigate their education and professional development. Being independent means taking responsibility for one’s own actions, decisions, and learning. Independent attorneys are self-reliant, resourceful, and capable of handling tasks and challenges on their own.