Room temperature experiment

     Today I did an experiment. I felt proud after the experiment because it was really hard for me to do. It was hard because it took a lot of time and effort.    

Problem :
The problem was that it was hot in my bedroom at night and wanted to check if it is correct.
A pencil, eraser, paper, and my iPad. 
was, go to a room, close all doors, put the thermometer in a place in the room, put the timer on for 3 minutes, check thermometer, and write it down. 
Data: Temperature and humidity from 9 diffrent rooms. See picture for data.
Master bedroom 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 58% humadity and my bedroom 82 degrees and 59% humidity.

My room is hotter than the other rooms in my home, but we may need to take another temperature in the night to confirm.

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