My ride to Ohio was BORING! I was busy but bored!I liked going back to Ohio but I  thought that the ride was absaloutley BOOOOORING! 1 I only had  3 options to do. 2 We drove for 2 days which made it  difficualt for me to survive, not really. 3 When we reached our destinations I was so relived that I could faint while smiling but didn’t because it was litterly freezing outside. The ride back was as boring as the first which didn’t suprise me. The only thing I liked about going there was to see my old friends, the states that we drove through and meet my very best friend. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! That was me cheering. I am glad to be back in Texas where it is warm instead of Ohio where it is cold. At least I saw my old friends because if we took that ride for no reason then I would have killed myself. 

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