I do a raffle when I’m done with my homework because I ask what to do next. The idea of the raffle is to close your eyes put your hand in a bag and pull out a chit that tells you what to do. I like this idea because I get to do whatever I have to do on the chit and I don’t have to do what my parents tell me to. I think this is a good idea because you get to do what the chit says and if you parents let you put whatever you want on the chit then it is fun but if your parents put what they want you to do next then that’s a diffrent story. Raffles are used in games when you go to a parade and you see fun activities that you can do then there are raffles that you can earn prizes by. Other games do it by a diffrent way and some raffles are the same and others are diffrent. I love raffles and they are fun games that you can play. 

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