Presidential Elections

I think that Donald Trump will be the next president because, he will make good changes and he will make America change in a good way. I think Hillary Clinton will not be the next president because she wants to be president like her husband was, Bill Clinton. Maybe the candidates must be nervous because this is something big that they never had to do. I think that Donald Trump is the right president for us, because he has done the things that a president would do. I think that Hillary is just doing things that no one has done, and wants to proove to others that she is perfect for president. I think that Hillary is going to make too many changes, and Donald is going to make the right changes, as president. I think that Bill is going to just vote for Hillary, not because she is his wife, because he wants her to be president also. I think that trump family want Donald  to be president because, they have seen him do the things a president would do. I think that President Obama was just like Donald but know he is doing his duties as president.

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