Last Sauturday we had pooja. I felt so excited and thought that this was the best day ever when, it wasn’t. First the boys were all screaming and yelling when I put on a movie. Second my parents invited their friends and misbehaving kids. Third they were messing up my toys. That is why I d. `on’t like naughty and misbehaving kids. I felt like this was the worst thing that happened to me. Not the pooja, the kids. They made me yell the third time. I think that my parents just invited the kids parents so they could let the kids have fun with me, when instead I have to yell at them for their own fault. I always have to be strict when the kids that misbehave come to my house, so they can make me yell at them! I always feel that there is going to be some strict talking to when there are misbehaving kids! I think that the kids promised to be good when they misbehave because they think, ” Now we can do whatever we want now that our parents are talking to their friends, and that Rovija is so nice that she will not yell at us when we misbehave.” I don’t think so! Just because I am nice dosen’t mean that you can take advantage of me! Everything after the pooja went fine. It was much better when I had to yell at the kids, because they listened. I don’t like yelling at anyone but sometimes I have to. 

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