Part 93- Rigging and Paranoia

So, we are back with another blog for our 2020 Election log. Today, we are going to discuss rigging of polls and, paranoia- being paranoid- as you can tell from the title. This is, all, Election-related so, it’s obvious it’s about Election rigging and being paranoid about the results. What is Election rigging? Election rigging is illegal “tampering” or interference with the process of an election. So, I did look up online if the 2016 election was rigged or not. Ok, this may not seem liek it, as you are just reading the final product of the blog, but I have deleted my proof of rigging/ fact of rigging at least twice now. I was looking for illegal rigging. Not what I’ve just read right now. On showing ID for voting rigging. According to my two previous links I HAD put on, the election was rigged because there was a rule to show a photo ID to vote- or ID. So, apart from that, there wasn’t any rigging in the 2016 elections at all. Another thing I wanted to talk about was paranoia. you knwo how I’ve mentioned multiple times about Presidnet Trump being so “paranoid” and saying that the polls are fake when they’ve been saying that Joe Biden is ahead of them? Well, I’ve got further thoughts on that. 

Presidnet Trump has been, acting “paranoid” every time the polls say that he isn’t winning. He says that his polls are saying that he is winning and that Joe Biden isn’t. That he’s really ahead. I know that despite the fact that he has said that he had the real polls last election, and they said he was winning, President Trump may just be saying that because he doesn’t want to lose the election. I also said, before, that he didn’t want to lose- taken form an article which I linked- and I can see how that plays as he refuses to see the polls that may or may not be fake- that say he is losing. I’m not trying to disrespect the Presidnet, but I am just pointing this out. He really is paranoid about not winning. 
I know this blog ends quick, but I actually started writing this about an hour before this got published, so all my thoughts and ideas and opinions washed away at that time, so I don’t have any of the things I was going to write. Hopefully, they come back to me tomorrow so I can give you a non- disappointing response/ blog. Bye.

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