Part 92- Election

98 days until Election Day everyone. 98 days. Hello everyone, today’s post is going to be resuming our discussions on the 2020 Election topic. I’ve already done a post on the COVID-19 situation, and I think I’ve done another on a topic I do not remember, so, we are going to be continuing. I, unfortunately, do not have any fresh news stories as my newspaper did not come today, so this may just be opinions and thoughts.

So, what do you think about the Election day? I mean, usually, according to the political shows I’ve seen and my tiny 12-year-old knowledge, people go to someplace and vote there. Due to COVID, will that happen this year? That also can show on each candidate. On what they want to happen and how they think of Corona. Such as, if one candidate says that they want it to go on as usual without doing the elections online despite COVID, then, wold their plans and thoughts of how to solve it and get rid of it quicker seem fake? Hopefully, in those 4-5 months, this problem/ pandemic would have reduced so there are fewer cases, and because of Oxford’s recent breakthrough on a cure, we could even have a possible vaccine soon or even with other companies; meaning, that it won’t be as dangerous to do social voting as now. Sure there are much, much, MUCH fewer deaths than before, but there are still MANY cases. I did check the case charts today, and it said that last Friday there were much FEWER cases than before. That’s good. Also, how is this Operation Warpseed doing? President Trump did say that he was working on it, but I have not seen or read any news that explains further on the topic or tells me anything about the progress. Also, what does Mr. Biden think of this plan? Of course, he is the opposing candidate, but would it be wrong to appreciate the skilled and thought out ideas of the other? The two plans for this pandemic are awfully similar, but then again, isn’t that everyone’s plan to get rid of this virus? To come up with as many “stations” possible to create a cure and then immediately distribute it to everyone so everyone is immune to it. 
Also, what’s been happening in the primaries? I know what the primaries are and what the candidates usually do, but like, would it change due to everything going on? Would there now be rules to wear masks? I guess that also depends on the candidate, right? The candidate may decide the rules and can do an option for wearing a mask. Would it be a better influence to wear masks if the candidates wore it? I know that it’s an option and something the people can choose if they want to or don’t want to do, but if they are asking to wear masks in public more often, do you think it would encourage people more if they wore one? Probably yes and no at the same time. It’s your own decision, one can only try to persuade you and tell you why or why not, leaving it all up to you. If all the leaders wore a mask, governors, mayors, president and more, then do you think that people would wear masks more often? Some people could, not be wearing masks because the leaders aren’t, but if they did, or if they did wear it more often, then do you think that people would be wearing masks more? 
Ok, these seemed more like questions than thoughts, but hopefully, they do make you question as well, and wonder a lot about this like I am/ did. BYE!

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