Part 90- Fantastic Friday

Hello everyone, today marks 102 days left until teh 2020 Presidential Elections. I can’t tell you, how great today has been. One, it is Friday. Two,  have all my HW for Marathi Shala ready, graded and I did REALLY WELL on it, and my story which I am going to be presenting ( Oh God) because I left it at a cliff hanger, is written and pre-checked ahead of time because last week I didn’t present it because my teacher sort of forgot. Anyway, on Thursday I finished all of my Math Kumon- Level J and yesterday finished all my Reading Kumon, III ( I, 2), and had no packets today. That saved me about half an hour of time, AND, my violin lesson was extremely fun as I am learning a new song and getting BETTER at my shifting scales. My friends and I are going to be making our own youtube channel with videos and stuff. Right now it’s just being set up and trying out uploads of videos. Dad approved the fact that I can be in them even if they are public, and I am super excited about that project. I’m trying out vlogging right now as I am filming myself blog, for a productive video. I didn’t have that much stuff to be productive about today, so this is like, my only recording.  I feel so professional right now. Oh, and ALSO, my Kumon certificates came yesterday. There is like a rank, Bronze, then Silver, Gold, and then Platinum. Platinum is sort of the highest level. Usually, I’m a Gold student which is good, but not the best, but my Math award came out as PLATINUM THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

It’s unbelievable how so many things can happen in a single day, and be good at the same time. This pandemic is such a benefit as well, as I wouldn’t have been able to get Platinum without being able to do 10 pages every day with so much free time, nor be able to start a channel with my friends, nor be able to finish my book series, nor be able to improve so much in violin, and so much more. I know that this blog may be a bit rubbish as it doesn’t talk about a lot of INTERESTING stuff, but I just wanted to share my day, and I hope everyone else has an amazing and fabulous day like mine. I just hope that Marathi SHala will also be as good as my day. One can only wait and see, or go time travel in the future and probably disrupt the time strand. 

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