Part 89- Just My thoughts

Well, I guess you know what this blog is about. To be honest, it’s not really my thoughts. I just don’t know what to write. Yes, yes, there are thousands of topics to write about, a lot on the elections. 103 days left. BUT, I honestly am not in the mood to update you on the different thoughts of each candidate. I am really tired for some reason, like I keep yawning and I CANNOT stop. I also need to send my recording of a song to my teacher, which I was hoping I could send much earlier in the day, but that got sidetracked as an incident occurred allowing me to be able to play Minecraft for like an hour. No, it was not because I got lazy or wanted a fun break. So, this is going to be a short blog. I wanted to actually mention yesterday’s blog. I don’t knwo why, but I really liek yesterday’s blog. I guess it was probably because I wrote so much, and did something like a proper essay, but also because I really expressed myself. And because I actually DIDN’T LIKE my BOOK SERIES a lot. It’s very surprising. I am reading a new book though. It is actually a passage from my Kumon packet, so I got to read the beginning of the book before being able to actually read it. It is CODE TALKER by Joseph Bruchac. No spoilers, so, wist for my review post if you want to learn more. Or, just, look it up on Google. I do actually really want to go to this Japanese bookstore. Like the one, I probably did or did not mention in an earlier post. Anyway, my parents went to a Japanese market for some fish and got e a bunch of Japanese treats. Boba in two flavors, Soba noodles, Rice crackers, Matcha Pocky sticks, a delicious tasting “cake” pastry, a sponge roll thing that tasted strange, and Ice cream boba bars. They’re just frozen ice cream bars of brown sugar boba and bubble tea. Anyway, they were going to also check out teh bookstore but it was closed. I have a manga series in mind that I want to read, as it is what one of my favorite shows is based on, so I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully, they have it, and in English. I still don’t know a lot of Japanese, otherwise, I can always politely ask for it on Amazon and sort of beg if my parents say no. Hopefully, they say yes. I know this was supposed to be short but I wrote alot so, sorry about that. This blog may be very mediocre, but, I’m tired so, sorry. 

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