Part 88- Book reviews, and dissappointment

SO! I just finished my book, The Enchantress, ad I have the final review. The final review of the series. I have to say, the ending was different than I anticipated. NO SPOILERS! LEt’s get on with it.

Traveling ten thousand years into the past, Sophie and Josh followed Dee and Virginia Dare to Danu Talis. The legendary city of Atlantis, where Palamdeds, Shakespeare, Joan, Scathach, Prometheus, and Saint- Germain are. As the Flames take their final breaths in San Fransisco, the battle for the world begins and ends here. It’s up to Sophie and Josh. The two that are one must become the one that is all. One to save the world, and one to end it. 
So before I begin this review, I’m going to point something out. As this book is the final of the series, I’m going to also do a series review in this post. So, it will be on the whole series altogether. 
BOOK Review:
This book was ok. I mean, I LOVED The Warlock. No doubt, it was the absolute BEST book in the series. And, after such an amazing book, I was so excited to read The Enchantress. I was full-on ready. I dived into the book, and this is what happened. It started out, AMAZING. Like, there was everything from the previous book. We learn that Isis and Osiris are the twins’ parents. We see an ongoing battle on Alcatraz. Everything. I have to say, it got, INCREDIBLY BORING at the end.  I could have written this post a long long time ago, but the end got so unbelievably dull, that I sort of read much less. Like, only a chapter a day.  I’ll tell you why. So, teh whole reason they go back in time is to complete the prophecy. They mention the battle of Danu Talis, and them being ta the battle. I love action in books If it’s a battle like a war, I love reading it- maybe fiction ones- because they are so descriptive and actually are interesting to read about. Action- I mean. I was full-on ready to read some battle stuff. Gilgamesh said I’ve seen you two at the battle of Danu Talis. I was reading that, and my mind went, ” I  HAVE to read about the battle.” Now, in the book, do you know what happens? DISCLAIMER: SPOILERS. Well, THERE IS NO BATTLE. They even MENTION it. Liek, it’s the final battle. They go back in time to be there, lead the army. And in the end, there is no battle. I’m really overdramatic right now. In the end, it says that Marethyu- aka Josh Newman- set off to end the world of Danu Talis. That’s it. Nothing else. No action on what happened. I was so disappointed with that. 
Not to mention, Alcatraz scenes. I understand that they were to show The Flamels saving the city but please, add something more. It was quite boring and dull to read. Add something where they go back to help the twins or something more! Just anything!
Plus, the ending. The ending was just, shock. And confusion. And me still trying to understand the whole story! It ends with, ” You know what I have to do Sophie. Josh says. And Sophie is crying like, No! Why can’t I do it? Then she leaves with their friends, and Josh combines all 4 swords of power which form into a hook and make him Marethyu, destroyer of worlds and Death. No, I mean, his name literally means Death. After that there is a note he sends to Sophie mentioning the wedding of Aiofe and Niten, creating the Shadow Realm of which he uses to trap Scathach and Joan and etc. That’s it. Nothing else. I wanted to read about the battle. The wedding. Sophie’s side of the story rather than some letter Josh send to her about what she was doing or what he read about in the Codex of what she would do. Also, in the end, it’s liek Dare and Dee never existed after that. Where were they? Maybe I missed something and it’s my fault, but I don’t remember Dare nor Dee being in the finale of the book. 
I liked how it was such a new perspective in the book. Like, this book is mainly set in the world of Danu Talis. ( Besides Alcatraz scenes) It explains about the Elders and what Danu Talis was like after all that mentioning in teh previous books. I also loved how, as it is the finale of the series, tied it all together. It explained a lot. Like, about Dee’s masters and of Sophie and Josh, the Flamels, and the other characters. 
Oh, and I have understood the cover. The symbol on the right is a vimana, and the one on the left is the Pyramid. the one that Josh stands on as he transforms into Marethyu. I haven’t exactly understood the bottom one, other than it being a moon. I don’t understand the main symbol though. I think that it may be a small representation of the Yggdrasill. 
SERIES Review:
 The series was an okay one. I got this brand new, super awesome looking series. My parents said that it was like a sequel to Harry potter- with Nicholas Flamel- and I was overjoyed. I could not wait to read it. After picking up the first book, I loved it, before I lost all interest in it. It was extremely boring and no interest. I mean, fantasy is something that always amazes me. I love fantasy novels. Anything with magic. That pretty much sums up all my novels in progress -ones that I am not doing a partnership on. But, goodness gracious, the book was just too much.  A battle already? In the series? Then Hekate just dies?? Bastet is only mentioned from that? It was just, a bit of a mess in my opinion. The second book was MUCH MUCH better. The new introduction of the characters actually stuck and was well explained. I loved it. The third book was slightly worse but still good. Meeting Gilgamesh was teh best part. And the battle with meeting Palamedes and Will Shakespeare. The fourth book started weakening in interest, but then it sparked up in the end when they had to go back in time. Time travel back 10 thousand years to an ancient civilization that was advanced??? YES PLEASE!! The 5th book was AMAZING. The Warlock s without a doubt, my most FAVORITE book. So much action. Josh has turned on them without realizing it, and we see what he is thinking and how true the twins’ connection really is. How they go back in time and meet their “parents”. The Enchantress. Well, I guess this blog tells you how I thought of this book. I do really question the series. Like, the twins are so focused on gaining their powers and becoming Awakened, but in teh end, THEY NEVER USE THEIR POWERS. Only the swords. Literally, there is a rare mention of them using their powers.  
One remarkable thing about this series is that the story takes place in like, 2 weeks. You think that because there is so much going on, the plot would be going through several days, but no. It progresses into an adventure a day. Without realizing it, you may read several adventures that happen in a day, and turn the page to see, Friday, June 8th. It’s fantastic. 
Despite how many problems this series had, I would recommend it. It’s not making the charts as an absolute favorite, but, it’s on the list. If there were some small changes and additions, then I believe that it would have been fantastic and even better. It is an amazing series, not as good as I was expecting, yet still AWESOME. Anyway, this was the final book review on the, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, series, and I hope you all check out the books. ( Especially The Warlock) BYE!!!!!

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