Part 87- Elections and cures

So, big news. As we all know, there is a very terrible and chaotic pandemic right now. And, we have all been desperately asking for a cure and a way away from this. Well, now we do. It’s not exactly a proper cure, but it is a possible cure. In Oxford University, a group has reported that their COVID vaccine candidate was in early-stage human trials to be safe. If I understand correctly, this means that they have in the testing stages, it is showing as safe. THIS IS AMAZING. After that news, there really is nothing else left to talk about. So why the heck did I write Elections as the title and tag it as an Election log? Because….. there are 105 days left until the election day, and we’re going to talk about what each candidate thinks about the vaccine for this pandemic. 

In the end, it’s probably going to be President Trump and Joe Biden who will be going “against” each other.  Here is my first source. So, according to my sources- aka the link I just pasted- President Trump made a “speech”. Statement….talk session…update? Anyway, he mentions the vaccine. He says, that he has launched, Operation Warp Seed. This project’s goal is to develop and distribute the vaccines as quickly as possible. Prior to the end of the year is what he is hoping. He also said that this is something no one has ever seen in our country since the 2nd World War. I’m not sure if that was to emphasize how much is going into this plan or just to tell how good we are. ( The U.S.) I do like the fact that he has come out with this huge plan to come up with a plan to get us a vaccine fast. President Trump also tells us how much it will get us together. From the American industry to the military. Plus, they are also working with many other countries who have brilliant doctors and scientists to come up with a cure. That sounds like a REALLY REALLY GOOD PLAN.
Now, Joe Biden may not be able to do all of that, but, he does have a few strategies in mind on how he would handle the pandemic. Here is my 2nd source. So, Mr. Biden says that his plan is to work with allies across the globe. This is like President Trump’s plan. His campaign says they will “marshall all the tools of the federal government to procure the necessary supplies to fight the COVID-19 pandemic…” As well as, distribute a potential vaccine for the virus. Again, the same plan. Now, though this may sound good, it really isn’t different than President Trump’s, and is now like, the plan is already forming, so he needs to have some different strategy. But, THAT”S NOT ALL. His plan also includes using the BARDA- Biomedical Advanced Research Development Authority- to, ” make sure vaccine production is adequate and work to undo Trump administration tax incentives to encourage on-shore pharmaceutical production.” I don’t really understand the last part. Is this plan mainly to make sure vaccine production is adequate or, to undo Trump administration tax incentives? I know that you are running in a presidential election Mr. Biden, but what is the focus? I need to ask, IS THIS YOUR MAIN PLAN FOR HANDLING CORONA, AND WHICH ONE OF THESE ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?
But, overall both of the possible candidates do have an excellent and well thought out plan for the vaccine. Though it is not what I was asking for when I typed up my question on google, it is related to it and answers my question in a different way. Anyway, 105 MORE DAYS UNTIL ELECTION DAY!!!!!!! This log will now have a new log in it, the 2020 ELection log, which is basically a countdown until election day. Pretty much, 105 more days of writing the same blog over and over again. Anyway, bye!

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