Part 86- Polls, news, debates and a whole lot of arguing

So, my title isn’t exactly what my blog is about. It’s the topic. So, many 12-year-old kids such as me may not be interested in the presidential elections, or alot into politics. I used to think it was completely boring. But, after watching one of the most amazing political shows and shows in general, ever, I have started seeing these in a new light. I now understand what goes on in these elections. The primaries and the debates, what to do and how they do it. Electoral votes and votes. Representatives and so much more. However, that is not our topic. Sorta. Our topic is something very recent happening. In only 106 days, the elections for the president will begin. I can hardly wait. Anyway, President Trump is running again and the most likely candidate will be Joe Bide. PROBABLY. So.0, as we know in 2016 President Trump was elected president. Now, here’s the thing. Polls were saying that he wouldn’t win. That he wouldn’t be president and President Trump kept saying these were fake polls and that his polls say that he was actually winning and doing well. Well, we can all see how accurate his polls are. Now, as the 2020 elections come up, he is again saying that these are phony polls. Now, I want to actually look into this. I want to give my opinion on what might be happening and who may be winning. Let’s begin. 

So, as far as I know, President Trump started saying these when the polls started showing that Mr. Biden was ahead in Texas and in the “election”. Maybe it was also before, but this is only to my limited knowledge. So President Trump says that he wants to see, not just say yes or no, and he didn’t do it last time either. This was a bit unclear to me, so I think he might be talking about accepting the results. He also says that he wasn’t losing and that these were fake polls. Plus he says that he doesn’t like to lose.
Now his proof from 4 years ago about fake polls was hard to disagree about. He did win and his polls said he was winning. But now, I’m not so sure. There was also another article saying that in teh elections a lot of Dallas suburb people have been keeping teh Republicans in power for decades but are now are component of the Democratic party’s political resurgence. This is because of how President Trump has been handling the rising COVID cases. 
Ok, my opinion. So, I think that the polls may be true. President Trump did say that he didn’t like to lose, and he is from Texas. Normally it would be like he would have full-on support from them, also because we are a republican state, but now, a lot of people have been becoming the key for Democrats in elections. President possibly doesn’t want to believe it and say that his polls are saying he’s winning. I know that there is probably a huge possibility that I’m wrong but, I’m just stating my opinion. Now, others could have realized that they should do real polls if they actually did post fake polls because they didn’t want President Trump to win. So, they might have posted real one this time, and these may be accurate results. President Trump may not want to admit that he may be losing a bit in the polls, but maybe he is right. I do believe, though, that these polls may be right this time. 
Anyway, that is my opinion. I know it seems like I wrote a lot, but it’s just stating stuff over and over again. I do apologize. this is, not my best blog and it didn’t come out how I was hoping it would, so I’m going to try it again tomorrow and try to explain a bit more on this topic and give more updates on teh elections. BYE!

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