Part 85- My voice makes a difference


So, this post was supposed to be out on July 15th, but then an incident occurred, delaying it. Let me give e a brief history on this topic. So, on July 7th, 2020, I made a post on the ICE plan to send foreign studnets back to their country because colleges are doing online school. I then made a post on legally vs. ethically and brought in that post as an example, changing my opinion, on July 10th, and now, on July 17th, there is one more post- today’s- that ties the whole thing together. The link above is on the news clip of President Trump letting go with the plan to send the students back home. This news is actually from 2 days ago, but I got delayed so this news is about 2 days late if you haven’t read about it already. 
So, this article says, that after facing 8 federal lawsuits, President Trump let go of the plan to send foreign studnets back to their home country. This announcement had brought relief to thousands of foreign students who were in fear of being deported back to their country. A 19-year-old computer science major from India said that he was having terrible anxiety at the thought of going back and being exposed.  Even though they are not being sent back, there is a rule that they cannot have their classes entirely online- like everyone else. 
If you remember, my first post was supporting President Trump- but I had my own reason. because I believed it would be better for them in case they get sick and so they have better care if they do. Later, in my legally vs ethically blog I talked about how President Trump’s decision was legally right but ethically wrong. It was legally right because he was allowed to do that and in power to, but, it was NOT the right thing to do. I later changed my opinion to the other side on not sending them back, but with a particular question. My question was about my opinion. How it was legally and ethically right or wrong. I as a 12-year-old kid who writes blogs and plays Minecraft cannot do a lot to make an act like that happen, but I can try to make an ethical opinion or a decision that follows the laws. I was only thinking about this in a caring way for the foreign studnets so they can be taken care of properly, not because I don’t want them here in the U.S. So, my question was, whether my opinion was ethically right even though it was a bit like President Trump’s decision. 
The main reason for this blog is because I am so glad that I could make a difference. There were probably so many other people who disagreed or had different opinions on this action like me and tried to speak up about it. My voice might have been small as I write a blog that possibly very few people read, but it probably did contribute to the change in the act, and I’m glad. I’m glad that I may have been heard. 
Anyway, this blog and my 2 other ones make me proud. I’m really happy that I could or had made a change, and I hope I can still do so using my writing skills and positive mind, and my voice. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and an awesome day!

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