Part 84- Sad,sad,sad news.

So, something terrible happened. A bird was flying and ran into one of our windows. Because of the sun’s reflection, they can’t really see that it’s a window. So, this bird hits the window with so much force, and we – my dad- go outside to examine what happened, and he finds the little bird. The bird was on teh ground and couldn’t get up, so my dad picked him up, and the bird was trying to get away from him. So, my dad puts him back on the ground so he could get up by himself, but he couldn’t. So, he puts the little bird in a little basket and calls me down. We get some water and a cotton ball, and gently holding the little bird in his hand, tries to awaken the bird. This is the saddest news. We could not get him to wake up, and we think he has broken his neck. It was loped around a bit and could not be held up. Now, we’re going to bury him in a little part of our backyard, in a little spot. It’s heartbreaking, that we could have saved his life and we couldn’t. I was supposed to write about something else, something exciting but we can write about that later. Below will be a small picture of him, and this is the end of the blog. I don’t want to say too much, except about what happened. 

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