Part 83- Gardens and food

HI! So, as you may have noticed, today’s post has a new title. In my previous blog I said I was updating it, and I have only managed to do these two posts, and I still need to go back to all my previous ones and change those. Today will be a little update. As you can tell by teh title, it is Garden update, and hinting from it, I am ready to cook using my beautiful veggies. ( It’s actually just one vegetable but I wanted to build suspense) So, my watermelon has grown, and have started producing flowers. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing because they are still young. My okra plants have thrived well, as they continue to grow taller, and my cucumber is bursting with yellow flowers here and there. My tomato plant still remains, slightly crispy on the edges of its leaves and no progress. My Karla- or bitter gourd as I have just remembered the name for it- is growing, a lot, and it has food! One bitter gourd is almost ready to be harvested as it is huge, 2 more follow, not that far behind, another is almost there, maybe another week or so, and one still needs a while. I’m so proud of my little plant children! What I’m really excited about is my pineapple. Just recently, my plant has started growing fresh new leaves. This means, that it is living! Leaves aren’t just dying but are also making way for new ones. This means that I may be able to have my own pineapple plant and eat my own home-grown pineapple as a snack and forever until I’ve eaten it all. I’m so excited! 

I’m not going to be teh one cooking as my mom is, but, I’m still contributing as I’ve supplied the main ingredient. In Indian culture, we create something called Bhaji ( bh-aa-ji) – if that helps pronounce it and it’s where we take vegetables and make food out of it. Yeah, so creative. It’s hard to put into words except that it’s like the main thing we eat for dinner or lunch every day unless we feel like eating outdoors. Long story short, my mom’s making Karla Bhaji. { karlachi bhaji- in Marathi that is the proper way to say it} I, have never tried Karla so I’m gonna say no thanks I’m sorry. I just don’t like the look of that vegetable even though it’s like the number one thing producing anything in my garden, and I’m not good at trying new things- food and books and clothes. Anyway, I’ll at least try it, and tell you how it’s been. Plus, I wanted to share something really exciting to add to my update.
Usually, when I do garden updates it’s like, yeah yeah you’ve done this and they’re growing This time, this weekend- last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and today- have been the hottest days ever. Reaching up to 102 degrees or just staying in teh 100’s, the heat has come burning down onto my plants. Of course, I’m watering them, but I’ve been watering them 2x more than usual and the other plants twice now that there is more heat, and I have been constantly worried that it might not be enough. Just seeing my pineapple has grown new leaves that are growing in this heat and that my plants aren’t burning up is enough proof that I’m doing well and that I should water more because one can NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL. 
Anyway, this was a plant update, pictures are at teh bottom, I hope you have enjoyed it. At the end of this, I’m going to post a how-to plant your own plants at home blog. Be on teh lookout for that. BYE!!!
My pineapple has grown new leaves, as seen in the middle.

My tomato still shows zero progress or any growth

Here’s some thriving and well growing Bitter Gourd

Left, biggest Karla- ready to be harvested, middle and right, almost there!
Still need time to grow

One that needs a week

Rope-reaching okra

Growing everywhere cucumber plant!

My Cucumber with flowers,
hiding behind the shade of my okra plants!

My tiny watermelon being attacked,
 by my cucumber that wandered into my okra plants!

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