Part 82- ( Statistics Galore – not really)

So, today we have a very, INTERESTING, blog for you. This one is about statistics, one of my least favorite things in the world because it is BORING. But, I guess I have to do so anyway, so yeah….. Let’s get on with it. 

So, this post is called, ” Social issues are top of mind.” This is about the protests. About polls from Texans on the protest. A few examples are, supporting black lives matter, removing confederate statues, renaming military bases, and etc. Today, we’re just going to discuss, not all, only a few, of these numbers and polls and data and talk about what it means, or I’m just writing what it means to me and y’all are reading my opinions and thoughts. Anyway, let’s get on with it. So, the first poll was on “Support Black Lives Matter.” In case you don’t know, George Floyd, a black man, was killed after saying a numerous amount of times that he can’t breathe, while a white officer pinned him down with his knee to Mr. Floyd’s neck. This has sparked outrage all over the world, especially in the U.S., creating protest, that I think are still going on. This happened in May, so it has been at least 1 month and a half. So, it is polled as Republicans, Democrats, and Individuals, but we’re just going to look at the overall. ( this is out of 1,909 adults- though the overall total says 1,859) So, 29% think that the protest has made them more likely to support teh goals of BLM, 33% say no change and 37% say it’s less likely. In my opinion, I would have to go with the less likely. I mean, I believe, especially when it first started, that these protests were extremely wild. Burning police stations and looting shops, rioting, and vandalism, that isn’t helping with this other than causing destruction across your own city. I’m not saying that black lives don’t matter, I believe that all lives matter, only that the protests haven’t made me likely to support the goals of the BLM movement. Next one.
Deploying U.S. military at protests. 22% say that they strongly support this, 18% support it, 22% NEITHER supports nor opposes it, 13% oppose it, and 25% strongly oppose it. I mean, this is a bit of a hard one. These protests did- or still are- get out of hand and went as far as burning a Wendy’s after another black man was killed in it’s drive-through, but is it really necessary?? I know right now that due to COVID, there might have been some military action called off- maybe- but do we really need this. I mean, these are soldiers trained and prepared for wars and battles and attacks, and we’re going to deploy them for protests? Then again, teh police have tried as much as they can to settle the protesters down, which has not been going well. So, I have to say, I’m with that 22% who NEITHER oppose nor oppose it. 
Defunding the police. 12% strongly support this, 15% support it, 26% neither oppose nor support it, 18% oppose it, and 30% strongly oppose it. Well, why should we defund the police? Is this because of a murderous act, and something similar happening 2x in other states? I understand how bad it is, that this officer killed George Floyd, but why, why, why, should we defund the police. Think about before this happened. The police have stood for us, protected us, helped us every day. They risk their lives for us and do their best to uphold the law. When you think about it, in human nature, killing is not part of us. It was in the heat of the moment of what happened. If the officer heard teh rage and panic in George Floyd’s voice, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. But still, it was not right to do that. Not right at all. I am NOT on STRONGLY OPPOSE, but rather, only on, OPPOSE. It’s not something I fully agree with or have all my opinion set on, but that doesn’t mean that I think we should defund the police. What happens after this, after the protests might be over or when CORONA is over. Are we left without a justice system, a team of people to help us, and try to support and follow the law? What happens if that becomes our future?
So, these were only a few of the polls recorded in the paper. I’m merely giving my opinion and thought about it, and I hope you also have an opinion. Write tomorrow, BYE!

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