Part 78- ICE, foreign students, and opinions

Hello! Today’s post is actually on another news story from today. This is about Foreign students facing a ban.  And this is in school.  ICE says that they must leave the U.S. if colleges move classes online. 

President Trump has insisted that schools and colleges return to in-person-instruction as soon as possible. “After this guideline was released, President Trump repeated on Twitter that schools must reopen this fall, adding that Democrats want to keep schools closed for political reasons, not for health reasons.” The main point here is that international students must take at least some of their classes in person, and new visas will not be issued to students or programs that are entirely online. This means that they will be sent back to their original country. Now, you may think that this may not be fair, but President Trump has a valid point when he issued this. If these students get sick, then they will have to be treated by the U.S. ” Of particular concern is a stipulation saying students won’t be exempt from the rules even if an outbreak forces their schools online during the fall term. It’s unclear what would happen if a student ended up in that scenario but faced travel restrictions from their home country.” I didn’t fully understand this, but I have managed to understand enough. What I think they are saying, is that they aren’t free form the rules even if an outbreak forces their schools online. I am not sure what it exactly means, but I do understand that it would be challenging to know or figure out what would happen if a student did end up in this scenario but has restrictions from their home country on traveling.  What “scenario”? The one mentioned above? 
Anyway, it would also be bad if this happened because, what if a student ahs coronavirus, but shows no symptoms. They would go back to their country and possibly spread the virus further, and maybe it is a mutated version that is possibly not in that country. Plus a lot of the students who go to the colleges are foreign, and if they lose those foreign students, then they would lose a lot. ( Money and such to keep the school running)  Though, I am not entirely sure how this would happen- losing money/ students. 
In MY opinion, I think that the foreign students be sent back to their country. WHY? Because them in the U.S. makes it the United States’ responsibility for them and if they get infected, the U.>S would be the ones in trouble. But, before they do go- hopefully, this will happen no matter what- they have their temperatures checked, and be tested for COVID before leaving. If they are positive then they should be kept in teh U.S. so there is no risk spreading it further into their home country. Once they get back to their home country, let them continue their classes. Though, question, if they are supposed to take some classes in person- like President Trump requested-  and they are back in their country, away from the U.S., then would that be a problem? Would something happen like they wouldn’t be able to continue their classes? If so, then I think they should probably stay in teh U.S. and continue classes from there.
Anyway, I hope I have given a fair opinion on this, and that you have learned something new like I did. I hope everyone stays safe, healthy, and strong. BYE!

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