Part 77- Our ignorance, and lost loved ones

Hi, as you all know today is Monday. And, it, is, pouring. The rain has been drenching my plants and the trees and giving our houses a full-on shower for a while now. Today’s topic is on a certain article I read in teh paper this morning. But before we do so, I want to give a quick update on teh COVID- 19 situations as it relates to the article. 

There are 11,703,049 total cases in the world. 3,023,911 cases in the U.S. and there have been 132,798 total deaths. 
So, I was reading the paper this morning, and there was an article about a woman who’s mother nad sister passed away because of Coronavirus. I have to say, I am really sorry for that woman, and everyone else who has lost their loved ones to this pandemic. She was saying how after a Mother’s day get together, the two of them got infected. They were very careful as they sanitized and social-distanced. It’s not like they can say that they went to a big house-party so that may be where they got infected, because it may even be the most simple things or places. After she was alerted that her mother had it and that her mother was unconscious and on a ventilator, she was asked if she wanted to spend the last few moments with her mother as she has her last breath. Even though she wanted to, she did a very remarkable thing. She decided not to, as it would risk the others around her with the virus. She thought about others than just herself, no matter how hard it was to not be with her mom. “It was too painful for her to see people go back to normal life during a pandemic that took so much from her.” The Dallas Morning News says. She finally had to respond when she saw a Facebook comment that downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus, saying that it only kills 2% of those who get it. ” What is that 2% is your family?” She wrote back. ” I lost my mom and sister. So that 2% still affects someone horribly still.” She’s right. People are so ignorant about what has been happening around them- the virus. I think that most people don’t understand how deadly or bad it is until it affects them or someone they love or know. Like said in the post, to them, it’s not that big of a deal if it only kills 2%, but what we need to know is that that 2% can hurt so much more. So everyone, please. Please take in the fact that there is a pandemic going on. It is something that will hurt you and cause you pain. It will also affect others, and cause them pain as well. Please, please, please, take it in. 

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