Part 74- Updates and good news

Hello everyone! How are you? Today is the second day of July, which means this Saturday is the 4th of July, independence day. Today’s post is going to be more of an update day. On my plants, and just in general, you know.  Let’s get started. 

So, on my plants, we have good progress. My cucumbers have started growing flowers, which means that they will start to produce cucumbers soon!!!!!!!! And, my watermelon, which was taken over by Mumma’s Karla plant has started growing it’s little springs, at such a young stage. It’s not very tall- as tall as my okra and cucumbers or as strong, but yet it is growing its “springs”, and for that, I am extremely pleased. I am soo proud of myself and I cannot wait to “harvest” them to eat. I also wrote a 2-page story in Marathi. not much, but when you think about it, that’s an achievement for me. My teacher actually gave us a starter, and I usually write my own stories, like the whole thing never with a topic or start given, so it was really hard. Harder than coming up with a story. I managed to turn it into a twist and into a fantasy story in the end, and a To Be Continued at the end so I could check and revise it in a day so it will be over. I do like it though. I actually started a draft in English, to get an idea of the story, and I’m really liking how it was turning out. I think that will be on my to-be-stories list. This is the only one on the list, besides a few that are in teh making of. I did have an art class today, and I have to say, the piece we drew was really nice. I think it was really nice. Just sketching, a picture of a lock that is opened with a wood background. The shading techniques and how the background came out was just beautiful in my opinion. I really enjoyed it. As well as teh piece from last time. A lovely watercolor one of a flower, that was extraordinary. It came out really nice with the different shades and blending and watered out colors technique. I really loved it. 
And, sadly, that is all I have to say. All my updates. I mainly just wanted to update you on my plants, and I will post a pic of them soon. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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