Part 73- The news relates to me, hopefully

You know what sucks the most in life, having an Indian dad. You know where I’m going with this. yup, dad has become once again, the most annoying person on the planet.  So, I was going to finish up a different post that I didn’t get to publish as my post for today, BUT, my plans have changed so, let’s get on with this. 

What I have read in the news that relates to me: 
Pretty much the only thing I can see or can find that relates to me is about the COVID cases. I probably do not have COVID, but to have more caution as cases may start to rise is relates to me. ( First, before continuing, please note that I am just figuring out what to do with this topic that just came up as I write this) 
Fauci: 100,000 cases daily possible is what I chose. Dr. Fauci from teh government’s top infectious- disease specialist says/ warns that teh U.S. could soon start to have 100,000 new Coronavirus cases a day “if this does not turn around”. He says that it would be a surge that would be more than twice as many as the record and three times as many as the peak of the original surge this spring. This means, that what’s coming next is going to me 2x as more than what happened this spring. There have been a lot of images of Americans gathering in bars or other crowds which is foreshadowing a greater surge in infections. I’m guessing that this is because more than half of them probably aren’t wearing masks. I mean, it doesn’t relate to me that much, but it does. It means that I have to be more careful, which I don’t really think is possible;le. To be honest, I pretty much do NOTHING in my house as I continue to wish for this pandemic to be over. I only go outside for morning walks, and otherwise, I don’t go far. But, that means that my parents, who go out, have to be more careful. I knwo that they are, with gloves, and masks and full-on hand sanitizing whenever they really need to or when they are in contact. Yes they do all this, but who knows, the virus could infect them even when they think they were protected enough. The world is changing by this. And it’s not in a good way. 
Is this only in the U.S. or is it going to be everywhere? Probably just in the U.S. Another thing, President Trump has said that he wants to reduce teh testing so there are fewer cases. First, less testing does not mean that teh cases will be fewer, but that the number of cases that are known about will be fewer. Second, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Yes, this is getting out of hand wildly, but it will probably is much worse if there is less testing. Fewer people can get hospitalized quickly and can actually know whether they have COVID or not. I don’t even know where we are on teh number of cases for the U.S. I stopped looking/ checking the numbers. All I know or think I know is that the numbers for cases have been going up, up, up. And they have not been getting better that much lately. 
Ok, I really have to go. I really need to finish something up, which is going to be trouble for me if I don’t do. Ok, signing off, bye! 

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