Part 72- The Necromancer book review

Hello! I know I didn’t write yesterday- because I had so much to do I got overwhelmed and started getting tired- but I’m back!!!! So yesterday, I finished The Necromancer and I am going to do a book review on that today, as my topic. Without further ado, let it begin…

Finally home in San Fransisco, Sophie and Josh are more confused about what’s ahead of them. Scatty’s gone, Machiavelli is coming to unleash thousands of monsters on the city from Alcatraz, and John Dee is still after them. Neither of them has mastered the actual elemental powers they will need to defend themselves, and what’s more is that they must ask themselves, whether they can trust Nicholas Flamel or not. Worse, can they trust anyone?
The Necromancer was ok. I have to be honest and say that, The Magician was the best book I’ve read so far- in the series. There was a lot of action in teh 3rd book, and when it started in The Necromancer, it went well, before going down into boredom. It started getting less interesting in the middle. There wasn’t much to feel excited or visualize about. No action or anything. Yes, there was action, but none that was of any interest in my opinion. It didn’t come out as great as I had been expecting. Especially the newest character. Virginia Dare. She’s supposed to be this mysterious immortal who has an incredible flute that can do a lot of strange and magical things and supposedly killed her master and survived. There wasn’t a lot about her, like about her being mysterious besides just saying- ” he knew little about her”. 
I did like the ending though. There was a part near the end where it was sooo interesting. So, throughout the book, there has been a mentioning of Danu Talis, and how the magic civilization fell. What we don’t know is how. Everyone has been saying, I was there, I saw it happen, but in the near end of the book, there is a chapter where Sccatach, Joan,Saint- Germain, Palamedes, and Will go back in time 10 thousand years ago with a mysterious man to when Danu Talis was still thriving. this is because, they were in teh Final Fight, which brought it down. they were the ones who made this happen and made it happen. now, I’m not sure how- yet- as I am just starting the Warlock, but I do know, that it is going to be EPIC!!!!!! I cannot wait to find out what happens. 
Also, remember what I said in teh last review, about teh covers being connected to teh plot. Well, I have cracked teh code for the cover of The Necromancer. The main image on teh cover is a skull with golden eyes. Yes, Necromancy is about raising teh dead, but this crystal is so much more than showing that. This crystal skull is ancient magic, which is used to find where josh went after he mysteriously leaves the Shadowrealm. The smaller symbol beneath that is supposed to be an Aztec symbol. When Josh is learning fire Magic, Prometheus gives him a sunstone- with the same symbol carved on it- and that becomes Josh’s trigger symbol. I cannot tell what the one on teh left is, but I have a feeling the one on the right is possibly a Japanese symbol because there is a new character who is Japanese. 
Anyway, that is my review of the book. It was not as descriptive or informative as the others, but I do hope that you have enjoyed and learned more about the book through my opinions. Bye!

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