Part 70- The Sorceress book review

Hi! So, today is Thursday, but it very much feels like a Friday. And, though it sounds good, trust me, right now, it is not a good feeling. Today is going to be another book review day. On, The Sorceress! I have to say, these books are just getting better and better. I love it. I highly recommend that everyone checks these books out. 

Paris was left a wreck by Dee and Machiavelli, yet the Book of Abraham’s missing pages are in safe hands kept away from the Dark Elders and Dee. After Scattach goes missing, and Perenelle stays stuck on Alcatraz, Sophie and Josh must head towards London with a weakening Nicholas Flamel, a city John Dee has under control. Their only protection and hope are to learn the third Elemental magic- Water Magic- from an Elder. The only option is Gilgamesh the King, and he’s absolutely insane. 
As the book has started and gradually progressed, I have started understanding the series more and more. At the start, I was completely BAFFLED by the plot and about what has been happening, but slowly it has started ironing out and becoming clearer. I now understand the covers and the titles of the book, which is a big clue about what the story is going to mainly be about. The Alchemyst was more about Nicholas Flamel and the two symbols at the bottom became clearer to understand. Through the plot, the twins are mentioned for having a pure silver and gold aura. Silver for the moon, and gold for the sun. The two symbols are a sun and a moon. This story was about Nicholas Flamel, and the twins you are the twins of the prophecy. In The Magician, it explains more about Dr. Dee, who is a Magician, and the symbols are the trigger symbols for Fire magic. The main design is also one of Fire, which is the 2nd Elemental magic they learn. In the Sorceress, this one is more about Perenelle Flamel. There were far more scenes or chapters with Perenelle. The main design is a cup filled with water, the next elemental magic they learn. The symbol on the left is a spider, and through books 2 and 3, Perenelle is associated with an ancient Spider Elder who helps her. Now, moving on.
There is so much magic through the book than before. There wasn’t a lot of magic in Book 1, only small explanations of auras and small bits and spells done by Nicholas, but now there is A LOT more. More thrill. More to what I might have been looking for when I first started the series. The first book lacked a lot of magic and greatness. It didn’t give a lot about teh magic characters, only saying that they are The Immortal Nicholas Flamel, or Perenelle Flamel, or Scattach the Warrior Maid. But now, there is so much. So much more description through teh book. Now, I can start to imagine and visualize myself in the scene as the twins meet Shakesphere or when Josh uses Clarent- the sword. There are also so many surprises. Like, I expected Gilgamesh to be an actual king, not the person he is mentioned as in the book. Plus there is a lot of mystery, small ones that last for a few seconds, and some that leave you open-mouthed and in desperation to read the next book. Near the time of meeting Gilgamesh, there is so much confusion. Like the characters are arguing on who is an enemy to who or what they did. So many turns and changes. Amazing.
But, then again there are a few things that I did not like. There were a few mysteries left behind in teh end. like, what happens to the ancient Spider Elder? Of course, these are meant for the next book, but then again, there are still a few that needed to be explained further. Billy the Kid. He’s supposed to be this great immortal who did something that got him immortality in his 20’s. What did he do? There wasn’t any description or information on what he did or anything. Machiavelli had a background story as well as Dee. Why not Billy the Kid? Another thing. When Scattach goes missing, they didn’t fully explain what happened to her. How she came back. They just say that she battled her attacker for a long time, lost him, and went back to Joan and Saint- Germain.  Can’t they explain what happened properly? I feel like there should have been so much more to that. She’s The Shadow, a legendary warrior, and she just wins a battle as simple as this?? No no no no no. It should be more informative. That’s what this story and the series lack. Information. 
ANyway, I hoep everyone stays well, and my book review was well. I will see you in the next post. Bye!

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