Part 68- Japanese updates, food updates, and book longing

Hi, so my post is a bit late so I’m gonna write a bit less, and probably a bit more mediocre like. Lol. Plant update: So, I was watering my plants last night, when dad came, and we were observing the plants when we realized that there is actually a cucumber plant growing with the okra plant bunches. Oh no. Apparently one of the seeds accidentally grew with the okra, so I have the plant mixed in. What’s worse, is that the cucumber plant is the one that seemed to be growing healthily with the okras. Meaning- the biggest one in leaf and stem size.  Ack! What’s good, is that my pineapple seems to be getting used to its surroundings. It is losing a few leaves because of the heat- Texas heat is very painful, especially in the summer- but it is not dying. My tomato is just as it is. It has not shown any sign of dying or growth. So…. yeah. Umm, I finished most of my book- The Sorceress, and that means that I can start Necromancer faster, finish it faster, and start reading the actual book in the series that looks interesting. The Warlock. I know people say not to judge a book by its cover. Like, even if it doesn’t look cool, try reading it, but The Warlock looks sooo cool. I mean, doesn’t this cover look cool? As well as The Enchantress!

But, I’ve got to read all the other books first. The story will be even more amazing that way. I’m improving in Japanese. I’ve finished Katakana 1, and am starting Intro 1. I’ve completed all 4 levels of Hiragana and Greetings. I’ve learned to say Hello, Nice to meet you, My name is, I am Japanese, I am from Japan, I am Chinese, I am from China, Sorry, Good night, Good Morning, Likewise, Bank, Fruit, Telephone, Student, teacher, school, bird, cat, dog, numbers 1-7, and so much more. It feels really exciting when you can learn new things! I know I’m learning Marathi as well, but for some reason, learning Japanese is more fun than Marathi- probably because I am using an app. Still, it’s exciting. Umm, I guess that’s it. I hope everyone is well, and safe. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

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