Part 67- The Magician Book Review

You know, writing a series for this long, almost every day, makes you wonder how much you’ve done or actually accomplished. I’m at 67 parts now. I’m awfully close to 100, and I’m not sure when I should stop the series.  I’m thinking about ending it near the start of school, or I could continue it, and write about how the school has changed for COVID-19 safety. 

Hello!!!! Today’s topic is going to be another book review. I finished the 2nd book of the series I am reading, just last or 2 weeks ago, and I am doing a review on it. This one is about Book 2 of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. This book is, The Magician. 
I have to say, The Magician was a much better book than the first. it made me feel more interested in reading the rest of the series, and it had more action. It was much better. Let’s start with Likes and Don’t like.
Nicholas Flamel, Sophie, Josh, and legendary warrior Scattach have come to Paris. A place teeming with more enemies and associates such as Niccolo Machiavelli, than friends. Perenelle is still trapped, and Nicholas is running out of time to save her. To learn the 2nd elemental magic, Fire Magic, Sophie must train with Saint-Germain, Nicholas’ old student, alchemist, magician, and a rock star. 
This book had more action and it was clearer to understand. Even though it was mainly in one setting or one country the whole time, it turned out really nicely. So much suspense and magic and action, it was awesome. Even though the book had more characters, they were all used and no one was left out or forgotten about. In the last one, there were a few characters that wouldn’t come into the next book and it was maid well to explain why they wouldn’t, but they didn’t really do much. They only had like a few times when they showed up, whereas, even though some characters would be defeated or would not show up again, it was well plotted out on how they would not return, and were mentioned more. 
I have to say, there wasn’t a lot of things to not like in this book. There are a few things though. In the beginning, when introducing a new character, they were explaining where he was and what he had been doing as he lived- because he is immortal-, but it doesn’t really tie into the rest of the story. Was I just to mention what he liked to do or would it come in handy? I wasn’t sure. Another thing, in this book there is more info and more parts with Perenelle Flamel. Throughout, they have been saying things like, The Sorceress is unbeatable, she is really powerful, etc. I know that as she is aging, her powers are weakening, but still, her powers don’t see that extraordinary or powerful to me. I would like more parts with Perenelle showing more of her extraordinary powers.
Other than that, the book was such an improvement compared to the first one. I have started reading Book 3- The Sorceress, and it is very fascinating. 
I’m not going to give any spoilers, but, I have to say, this book is convincing me that Nicholas Flamel and his wife may not be all heroic and amazing as everyone says. That perhaps, they may not be on the “good side” nor the “bad side”. Just, on their own side. NO MORE SPOILERS!!! Anyway, I hope everyone is well and checks out these books. Despite the first book not being as impressive, it is a remarkable series that is well written, and I think everyone should check it ou.t BYE!!!

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