Part 66- Father’s day Treats

Hello! Today is father’ day, and I just wanted to wish a very happy father’s day to all the amazing dad’s out there. I hope you have a lot of fun and enjoy this special day! What I got for my dad, is actually something I am going to make. So, I like to watch a lot of cooking videos, usually, ones from the youtube channel- Tasty, and they usually are sweet treats. The reason that they are sweet treats, is because I want to create special food for my family and friends and sweets are really special, so it really fits. Plus, they have a lot of decoration and look really good. So, I usually don’t create any of these recipes because we usually don’t have all the supplies, or I just don’t feel like making them, but, every once in a while, we will 100% have all teh materials, so I want to get cooking! I actually found this really cool, Cookies and Cream mousse recipe. It’s only 3 ingredients, Sandwich cookies, Heavy Cream, and Powdered sugar, and very simple and easy to make. I’m hoping that we can eat them for dessert tonight, but I just have to figure out when to make them. I want it to be like a surprise, a very tasty and special surprise. I have finished task one, and I need to continue task 2 to start my next one. Task 2 includes using a mixer, which is loud, and my dad is asleep, so, yeah. Don’t want to wake him. Anyway, I hope everyone is well. This has been a very very brief blog, not even a blog. This is just a random paragraph written. um, I hope everyone stays healthy and well, and every father has a good time today. BYE!!!!!!

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