Part 62- Chaos of the World

Hello!!!!!! So, we haven’t done this is quite a long time, and I guess we’ll do it again!!

Today, there are 8,228,384 total cases worldwide, 444, 456 total deaths, and 4,289,098 recoveries. Nice!
So, as I have been mentioning through long paragraphs or short brief updates, there is a lot of BLM ( Black Lives Matter) protests around the world. Not just the U.S., but around the world. ( By the way, here is the link for the Great Big Story video I was referring to) SO, these have been happening because an officer pinned down a black man, George Floydon his neck, and kept doing so even when George Floyd was saying that he can not breathe. Sadly, Mr. Floyd died, and this action sparked up thousand of angry protestors to rally and shout that Black lives matter. Now, the police know that this officer did not do the right thing and he is in prison and fired. But, when teh protests got out of hand, the police have been using rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowds. They’re trying, ok. And the police really want the protests to stop. But, just last week or last last week, another black man was killed, and even after he was saying that he has congestive heart failure when the officers were pinning and tasering him down because he forgot to DIM HIS HEADLIGHTS, they didn’t listen. What’s worse, is that a crew from a TV show was filming teh whole thing, and decided NOT TO HELP. One more. Just recently, another black man was shot because the police tried to handcuff the man, but he was resisting and ran away with the taser they were using on him. He actually was cooperating with teh police when they pulled him over from a Wendy’s and agreed to do a breath test. agin, protests have come and torched down the restaurant. It took firefighters about an hour to get to the restaurant because the whole place was swarmed with protestors. If you think about it, the police are just making this whole thing WORSE!!!!!
They want the protests to stop, but officers are just making it worst by killing 2 more people. UNBELIEVABLE! 
But, what happened and is on the news today is even worse! 3 officers went to a Shake shack for some milkshakes and are now being hospitalized. They will live, but their shakes had a foreign substance in them. The officials are saying that the substance was… BLEACH. Oh my gosh, this is getting out of hand. A chief of police said something- I can’t remember the whole thing said- about how the environment around us is not stable- I think it was stable- if officers’ food is harmful. I think it was something like that, not exactly, but close. this means, that our environment is not stable right now. People are torching and harming and hurting and screaming everywhere. It has become a mess. What have we all become? We have become a mess! Teh year 2020 was supposed to be good. It was supposed to be a cool year. 20-20. Like, 20-20 vison. Perfect eyesight. Good year!!! What has 2020 become instead???? A year with a deadly pandemic. A year with so many protests. A year with torching and riots.  A year with officers’ being poisoned with Bleach in their shakes. What has this year become????? This is the worst year I have ever experienced. In any way possible, can we give back the year 2020 for a new one? Or just skip it, and move onto 2021? ( By teh way the last 2 sentences are a joke.) 
Anyway, i hope this year is better in like, really quickly. Um, stay safe. Bye…

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