Part 59- History of my blogs

Hii! So, I have been going through my older posts, from when I first started out as a blogger, and I started realizing how much difference there is between my styles then, and now. First, I want to thank you, dear readers, for sticking through and reading my blog even if it is a bit strange when reading. Some of them were mean, awkward, happy, professional, confusing, but still, you have stuck through and have continued to read. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

When I first started out, in 2015, I started writing this because my dad wanted me to. We were moving to Texas, and I’m not sure if it was after or in between we moved, but I know it was when we were moving. Even if it was a short paragraph, I had to write. Dad got me to start that, and it was just about writing. Getting me comfortable. I wrote about sooo many random things. About my stuffed animals, favorite TV shows, which didn’t really talk about anything, and so much more. I still go back to them to this day and read about what my past self wrote. About what went on in my mind at that time. Later, I started getting more detailed, and started talking about other things. Mean kids, weather, my mom was sick, what I did in school. We moved to describe feelings. We went to Hockey games and concerts, and Mexico trips. In between all this, I had forgotten to write a blog for more than a year. Then, the Coronavirus came and made things fall apart. I soon began my Coronavirus log na things got to a good start. Dialy logs changed to what was happening around me, to the news, to learning new things, to old memories, to tips and news, and to thanks to my dear readers. 
In 40 minutes from now- 5:00 p.m., I have to set up my desk for Marathi shala, and I needed to finish my blog quick, so I have a little time to rest. Even though classes are supposed to be over, I have to take another test so was are supposed to review that. Though last class we didn’t even do anything, just talked, and I managed to not embarrass myself for the whole time, until the very end. So much for trying to do my best. Anyway, today we are doing a short statement- about 10 sentences about what we have been doing this summer. Here is my list:
  • Learning Latin and Japanese on Duolingo
  • Reading a lot of books
  • I’m studying Algebra 1 and GEometry so that I can skip Geometry next summer ( BTW I’m already a grade level of math ahead so if I don’t pass I’m still going to be ahead)
  • Started my own garden for the very first time- this year
  • I have  Okra, cucumbers, watermelon, – growing, and strawberries, pineapple, avocados, mangoes, bell peppers, and beans still germinating
  • I’m writing a blog every day, Coronavirus log
  • I’m practicing my violin every day to practice for the next school year
Anyway, that is the summer things I am doing list. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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