Part 58- History of my Music Playlists

Hi readers, so today I am a bit busy and I have been working so much that it feels like it has been 20 hours despite that it has barely been 7. So, today’s blog is going to be extremely short, yet fun and maybe not mediocre. So, I just took off my headphones and I noticed that my ears hurt- well duh, but not only that. Usually, when working and writing blogs I like to listen to a bit of music, which always makes me feel better. So, I thought that I would share some of my favorite songs that re fun to sing along to. Before this, I’m going to give a short backstory so you understand why I have these songs as my favorites.

So, I’m not really that much into music. I really don’t like A LOT of music so I am really picky. First, I am no going for explicit songs and weird ones. Pretty much- all of them are weird. But, occasionally there are a few that are really catchy. I’ve always been listening to the tunes that my parents like which are usually Bollywood songs. I have always liked those because they have so much energy and are fun to listen to. In second grade, I had begun a new school, and in my old one, the teachers never really play music doing our work. We’d all just talk. So, when our teacher’s played music when I was in Elementary school, it was naturally one playlist. The KIDZ BOP playlist. Eventually, I started getting used to that and, I guess, I started liking it. KIDZ BOP is meant to be songs written again but changed a bit so they are meant for kids. Like some- the original songs- have explicit language, but once sung by KIDZ BOP, there are more appropriate words to replace them. Then, that was all I liked. Time progressed and there were more and more that I liked. I learned new songs, songs that were supposedly supposed to be popular, and everyone was supposed to know about except me. Then, I went to a Taylor Swift concert in 4th grade with special passes with my mom, my friend, and her mom, and I started loving Taylor Swift. Then came a time where music changed. Kids started thinking that KIDZ BOP wasn’t so good after their 37th album. The song THUNDER- sung by Imagine Dragons- was popular, and when KIDZ BOP sang it, everyone thought that it was worse. Did I believe it? Probably yes. I don’t remember. Then came Ariana Grande. In 5th grade, her songs were awesome to everyone. I wasn’t so sure. I wasn; ‘t that big of a fan of anything. Taylor Swift wasn’t that big of interest, but I still listened to her songs. Then came 6th grade. I wasn’t really sure where my music-led. I began to clear my playlists and I went back to the original songs I love. Disney. Yes, childish, but still, they were fun. By the time the 2nd quarter went, my friend introduced the TwoSet violin.  Classical Music channel. I loved classical music. The notes, all separated and then pieced together to create a simple piece was truly beautiful. I didn’t knwo any good ones until my friend and I started sharing our interests. I still listen, but not as much. Then, time went. I started looking for new interests. I started remaking playlists. Soon, my list had narrowed down to 3 songs. Was I happy? YES. I was. I never liked Pop culture a lot, and despite the fact that the 3 were pop, they were old-time favorites. 2 Kidz Bop songs, and 1 Taylor Swift song. Soon, I watched ZoMBIES 2- which is a musical movie. The songs were absolutely awesome. SO fun and exciting to listen and sing along to. I LOVED IT. I loved the songs and tried to listen to them anyway I could. Only 1 song was prime on AMAZON MUSIC. Just a little while ago, it became UNLIMITED, which was something I did not have. After telling dad, he downloaded the songs from youtube to make my own custom playlist. Now, I only have 12 songs thaT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, AND I REALLY WANT YOU- DEAR READERS- TO CHECK OUT.
ZOMBIES 2 songs- We got this, We own the night, Like the Zombies do, Don’t feel like I belong, Call to the wild, I’m Winning, Flesh and Bone, Someday ( Reprise), and One For all, – and 3 KIDZ BOP SONGS. FRIENDS, Happier, and Confident. I really love these songs, and I hope you find them as fun and upbeat as I do. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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