Part 179- Contract

 Hey so I wrote my very first ‘legal’ contract. So here’s how I got to this very difficult position. My grades were not up to par with my very much Indian parents’ expectations. (Mind you I’ve got excellent grades. Not impressive enough apparently.) Due to this very tiresome reason, I got my Instagram app deleted. (And Weverse but we don’t talk about that ) In order to get my beloved very useless social app back, I made a deal with my very much so Indian father on a list of activities I would need to complete for a certain period of time. These were then condensed into a contract, which I have written down below. Please enjoy reading about my suffering. Thank you. 🙂  

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Agreement for the reinstallment of Instagram 

This is an agreement dated 02/22/2023  between _____ referred to as Daughter of _______ residence and _______ referred to as Dad of _______ Residence.

What is to be exchanged

  1. This is an agreement made between the parties for the reinstallment and usage of the Instagram app on Daughter’s iPhone in exchange for Daughter completing the following requirements up to exactly a week from the starting date (02/22/2023):

    1. Complete 5 pages of Kumon either digitally or physically (on paper). A page is considered front and back of a worksheet. Necessary corrections to prior work must be completed before beginning a new set of a 5-page worksheet. 

    2. Write a review of the school day’s activities and learning. This includes new concepts, getting ahead topics/assignments, upcoming tests and quizzes, and a daily summary of what was learned

    3. Tweeting everyday with proper format, including hashtags, on something related to United States politics. This includes but is not limited to:

      1. Congress: Senate and House of Representatives members, Vice President, Speaker of the House

      2. President, Cabinet

      3. Supreme Court

    4. Having evident proof of having “got ahead” in my studies. This includes getting ahead for assignments due later or learning new concepts for a subject ahead of time

    5. Sitting with at least 3 different people for lunch for three different days. This excludes the following people:

      1. _______ referred to as F1 (Friend 1)

      2. _______ referred to as F2 (Friend 2)

      3. Someone I have already sat with for this agreement

  2. The promises above will be completed on or before midnight 11:59 pm of Thursday March 2nd 2023.

  3. Payment will be performed by Dad, by reinstalling the Instagram app on Daughter’s phone, and allowing usage of it without any prohibitions, restrictions, or limitations on the amount, activity, or usage of the app. 


  1. This agreement will come to an end when the following requirements as listed above have been completed without fail and need to ask for completion. If failed to do so, a punishment will be invoked of which there will be added requirements and an extended time period of which the app will be installed and able to be used. 

Dispute resolution

  1. If a dispute arises out of or relates to this agreement, and the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiations between the parties, the parties agree first to try in good faith to resolve the dispute by mediation before resorting to arbitration, litigation or some other dispute resolution procedure. 


  1. If any part of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, the rest of this agreement will remain enforceable without the unenforceable part. 

  2. If in any case there are excessive limitations, delays, or extra restrictions added to this agreement even after the requirements have been fulfilled correctly, on time, without fail, this agreement will be enforced immediately and the ending benefits shall be given without hesitation 

Governing law and jurisdiction

  1. The governing law and jurisdiction for this agreement are as follows:

  • The laws of the ____ Residence and the laws of _____ referred to as Mother, applicable in that residence govern this agreement.

  • The parties agree that the courts of ____ Residence will have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and decide any litigation relating to this agreement.

Each of the parties has read this agreement and agrees to be bound by it.


Party’s signature


Party’s signature






Date signed


Date signed

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