Part 140- Society

I honestly don’t know why society is more strict towards a woman than a man. So many rules are put in place for a woman that it’s almost like she has no control over what she can or cannot do. It’s like society doesn’t want her to be who she wants and instead forces her to be someone else just for everyone else.

 To a woman, they’ll tell her to change her dress or cover-up, but won’t say anything to a man even when they don’t tuck in their pants? What’s up with that?  Then, women are expected to reach or be at this unattainable beauty standard, but when they use surgery to meet the standard they get judged? Why is that? Society wants us to fit in a specific category and continuously stay in, but it becomes overwhelming and almost a weight, to keep complying and keep changing ourselves to fit in. It’s almost like we can’t be who we want anymore simply because we’re too afraid that we’ll be judged or criticized if we don’t.

After that, there are gender norms in clothing. Sneakers or shirts are gender-neutral but a dress or heels are not. This is simply because society considers ‘men’ as the default. Something ‘girly’ or feminine is inferior, causing ‘neutral’ to be biased towards most ‘boyish’ or masculine things. Because of this, young girls are to not be like the others, while young boys are afraid of being considered feminine if not boyish enough. Who makes something like this? Why is almost everything, even the simplest things like clothing, categorized by man or woman? Why is it that when things are not categorized it is immediately criticized? Why? Is it wrong if a woman prefers to wear a suit or pants rather than a dress? Is it wrong if a man likes to wear jewelry or wear makeup? Who says makeup is just for girls? Even though girls use makeup more than men, is it immediately labeled as a girl thing and boys shouldn’t wear makeup? 

Not to forget Abortion. I may be a little late to speak about this but I now will. High School Valedictorian Paxton Smith spoke out about Texas’s new abortion law, the Heartbeat Bill, during her graduation. Abortion in Texas is prohibited as early as six weeks a woman is pregnant. 6 weeks. Most women don’t realize they are pregnant within 6 weeks. Who knows if bringing another being into the world is something they are willing to do. The pregnancy could be a result of rape or even be something they are not able to do, mentally, physically, emotionally, or even financially. If it is something they are not ready for, yet have to comply with because of this law, wouldn’t it be a burden upon them? Wouldn’t it be something they would be pressured and forced to do by a stranger even though they are not ready for it? It’s like taking away a woman’s rights. Taking away something that is her decision. Something that will affect her life and is up to her whether she wants it or not.

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