Part 136- Short Check in

 Hi. I’m not really sure what I want to write, so I’m just gonna go with the flow. To be honest, I don’t even know why I suddenly felt like posting. Maybe because I haven’t posted in a while, aside from Sunday. Otherwise, I’m not sure. What should I write about? Everyday life, recent topic? I’m not sure. Things have changed around here. ( Gosh why does this sound like a diary entry?) Just last week Governor Abbot announced that masks were not mandatory and stores can fill up with the normal size. I guess it’s a bit of a personal treat, seeing that March 2nd was Texas’ Independence Day. People have been taking advantage of that, and over the weekend, I saw a couple people not wearing masks. We can’t complain though. I had actually expected more people to not be wearing masks but apparently not. Just a few picked out from the crowd. 

Ummmm, apart from that, nothing else. I’ve been writing a lot lately. Not just on “When Can I See You Again” but also a short story series called “Missing Piece”. This one’s a more relationship-emotion-based story, focusing on the bond between 21-year-old Abyssinia-Nia- Eswaran and her 5 stepbrothers- Rune, Evander, Abraxas, Cronus, and Kadon. Obviously, I’m a stickler for rare, mythical names. I literally spent a whole 2 hours researching the perfect names for the boys after 20 minutes of finding a name for the main character. (Nia.) I dedicate myself to writing stories with odd, unique, mythical names for the characters. There will, not be a story that doesn’t have some rare name. 

The reason I brought this up is that I can’t seem to focus on ideas. You see, I had such a good idea and was so excited for “When Can I See You Again”, but started losing motivation. I soon got the idea for Missing Piece and started working on it. But now, I have another story idea. It’s an action-based one that I got inspired by from a short series I finished reading. Like, I just finished, and my mind is in SHAMBLES, absolute shambles after reading that. It was so good and such an amazing thriller that I’m just, blown by the ending. The ending was REALY simple but the story and concept and plot were just so good that it really breaks my heart to have it end. That’s where my idea comes from. And this is where my problem is.

I’m not focusing clearly on ideas. As much as I want to at least get down a few thoughts on a document for this idea, I’m trying to hold myself back. I already have two storylines I’m working on, and I don’t want to start writing a third that I’ll most likely stop paying attention to soon. Plus, I want to actually get somewhere with my plots and ideas before working on a new one. If I start working on a new idea, I’ll get caught up in that one until I lose motivation ( which happens after a few weeks) and then feel bland and with no mood to write on that story, or the other two. Sooooo….you see where my mind is right now. Shambles and mixed-feelings. 

< Minor Side Thoughts: Me fangirling warning>

And, a minor side-note. I’ve recently had BTS’s Born Singer stuck in my head and I have DEFINITELY NOT been crying every time I hear the song. ( I read English lyrics while listening.) The song is so good, even though it’s really old, and it makes me cry because it’s such a from-heart and experience song. Recently (a few months ago) they received their first-ever Grammy Nomination after a long time, and found out a few days ago they will be performing there. The song makes me cry because the song talks about their struggles as they became idols, and now those struggles were worth it. ( I’m fangirling so much right now, I’m sorry! ) But here’s the first few lyrics of the song- translated- so you know what I mean. 

I’m a born singer,  A belated confession ( I Swear)
The mirage that always seemed so far away is now before my eyes ( It’s here)
I’m a born singer, A belated confession 
But I’m so happy ( I’m good)

{Suga} The very first stage we stood under the name Bangtan
I revisit how we felt about our first stage 3 years ago
Still I’m nothing different from a rural Daegu rapper but
I wrote the word “pro” on top of “amateur”  
While rapping and dancing on the stage I wanted so badly
I feel yet alive, the tiresome trip to work and back home
I can withstand such troubles because my people are watching me
Because even if my body hurts, the cheers come rolling in…

Favorite Part-
{RM} And let the haters on me It’s a day job they’ve always been at
While you were teasing the keyboard I fulfilled my dreams 
Sunglasses, hairstyle I know why you ridicule me
In any case, it’s me who’s gone further than you at age 20

Born Singer– (It’s a stage mix- watch with captions)

Translation – English translation

Alright, alright. I just fangirled there for a couple of minutes but it was worth it. I needed something to write about and I needed to write out my emotions for this song anyway. But, I do recommend it. It’s really good and so heart-felt. But, anyway, I’m out. Bye!!!!!

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